Migration Theory – Natural Law In The Driver’s Seat

5 August 2014 AD

Human Migration – Why?

Human migration, aka ‘illegal immigration’, is very much in the news. There are folks here who invite it and folks here who vehemently oppose it. Very ordinary human reactions.

Setting aside emotional reactions, let’s get to the heart of why it happens.

A fellow named Ernest George Ravenstein studied immigration back early in the Nineteenth Century. His studies concluded with Ravenstein laws of migration. Ravenstein’s study produced seven laws, but other academics have extrapolated as many of eleven from the original seven.

Numerous other academics have studied human migration, but I leave further research of like theories to the reader’s initiative.

Let’s reduce migration to its lowest common denominator: two forces at the root of all human migrations.

AP Human Geography Models and Theories
AP Human Geography Models and Theories

Push-Pull Factors

In all science – whether physics, mathematics, economics – movement always involves two forces: a force that pushes and a corresponding force that pulls. This simple idea holds true for moving water from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, just as it also applies to electrical apparatus and airplanes.

Biblical Principle Affirmed in Scripture

Example of “Push” force

As recorded in Genesis chapter 42, there was famine in Canaan that threatened the lives of Jacob and his family. As the story goes, Joseph had transitioned from prisoner to Chief of Staff to Pharaoh, king of Egypt. By divine revelation, Joseph knew to store all the corn he could buy over a seven-year span of time, because he knew this horrific famine was coming upon the middle east to endure seven years.

Word gets around to Jacob that there was corn in Egypt. He ordered ten of his sons to go buy corn from Egypt to stave off starvation. There was a lot of drama, but let’s focus on the “push” force at play. There was ample reason, push force, for Jacob to want to leave Canaan, but nothing was telling him where to go.

Example of “Pull” force

For a season, Jacob continued to import foodstuff from Egypt, forestalling any motivation to leave his country. But, when, with the blessing of Pharaoh, Joseph invited his father and family to immigrate to Egypt where they find work and plenty to eat. So it was, Jacob packed up the moving vans and migrated to Egypt. Joseph’s invitation was the “pull” force.

Push + Pull = Migrate

This is my simplified theory of migration, but it’s well supported by research of geographers and demographers.

Central American Migration to Our Country

Push Force

Poverty: Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras all have deep poverty, but Nicaraguans are counted in the flood of humanity in the news. In fact, Nicaragua experiences deeper poverty than the other three. Economics is not one of the ‘push’ factors.

Why are Nicaraguans not migrating north?
Why are Nicaraguans not migrating north?

Crime: While Nicaragua experiences little crime, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras all have rampant crime that overwhelms neighborhoods. Crime in these three countries is “off the scale”.

Why so much crime? Read my blog on Cause & Effect – Stuff You Should Know to learn how crony capitalism leads to tyranny and crime. Rampant crime is the leading ‘push’ force behind Central American migration north.

Pull Forces

Now we clearly see the ‘push’ force of rampant crime that serves to motivate Central Americans to leave their countries, but what determines the direction of migration?

There are plenty of countries closer than the U.S.A. Nonetheless, they come here. Therefore, there is a ‘pull’ force at our end.

5) Migrants proceeding long distances generally go by preference to one of the great centers of commerce or industry.

Ravenstein’s fifth law is one force pulling migrants here, but there are others.

Our outlaw president acts on his vision to “fundamentally transform the United States of America” by overwhelming social services as he paves the way toward election fraud. Knowledgeable folks say this is a component of the Cloward-Piven strategy. I have no argument against such a conclusion.

As it was when Pharaoh invited Jacob to take refuge in Egypt, so also does Barack H. Obama extend invitations to crime-weary Central Americans to come here. Two years ago, Obama declared amnesty for millions. Late last year he put in motion federal contracts to “escort unaccompanied alien children”. Barack H. Obama’s invitations and his cavalier attitude toward the rule of law are the ‘pull’ force.

Now you know. Standing atop overpasses accomplish nothing except to energize the Democrats with plenty of propaganda for 2014 elections. Dressing in camo and sporting your AR-15 along the border gets us nowhere either.

Gov. Rick Perry dramatically stepped up border protection, doing the work that is the duty of this administration, but Obama continues to laugh at our situation as he goes merrily about the country fund raising for his party.

What’s the Cure?

  1. Put an end to hateful, shrill, anti-Hispanic rhetoric that serves only to alienate conservative Hispanics from our Republican Party.
  2. Work to register voters.
  3. Incessantly demand lawful enforcement of immigration laws.
  4. Take a breath and choose to love the “undocumented” aliens among us. Stop seeing them as criminals and recognize them as refugees who have come here by invitation of our president. Read: Hospes Eram – Thoughts on the Human Crisis at Our Southern Border
  5. Participate in local Republican events: club meetings, block walks, voter registration, volunteer to work at election sites, contribute money to Republican candidates. Ranting and raving accomplishes nothing worthwhile, apart from making you feel good for a season.
  6. Communicate with your state and federal lawmakers via phone calls, fax and email.
  7. Get out the vote during early voting.
  8. Most important of all – PRAY for our leaders and our country.

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