Obama: Disciple of Fidel Castro?

5 August 2014

Candidate Barack Hussein Obama pledged to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. His zealous, but ignorant Democrat sycophant followers cheered wildly.

Time was back in the fifties when many Cubans wildly cheered Castro’s promises of a better Cuba, too. So many parallels, so little time to publish.

cuban laundryCastro called it “The Special Period” – Cats and dogs disappeared from the streets as desperate Cubans sought ‘proteina’ where they could. Up to the time the Soviets withdrew from Cuba, one friend had a large flock of domestic ducks. She showed us a photo of herself feeding the ducks. I asked, “Where are the ducks, now?” She explained: “There was no more food to feed them.”

How desperate would you be to kill and eat your Yorkie, Dachshund or Labrador Retriever? How long does it take to cook kitty?

Cuba: A veinte años de la crisis de los balseros (Twenty years after the balsero crisis)

Excerpt translated:

El Camello (the camel)
El Camello (the camel)

“Times of optic neuritis, skinny and emaciated people, the bicycle and the hellish “camels” (public transportation) . And the “alumbrones” (blackouts), because the blackout rule was such that in the heat of Cuba families were forced to leave their homes until they could turn on the fans.”

English-language version translated by Google: http://ow.ly/zXXjM

Original Spanish-language version from MartiNoticias.com: http://ow.ly/zXXnZ

Excerpt from the book “Cuba: What Everyone Needs to Know” By Julia E Sweig, page 133 http://ow.ly/zXXfA

special_period-brbThe search for food occupied a huge portion of each family’s daily life, creating havoc in productivity and disenchanting many Cubans – especially a younger generation – with the promises of the revolution.” The Castristas use the word ‘revolution’ as a name for Cuban socialist society.

Fidel Castro used his personal army of armed rebels to defeat Batista. Tyrants can’t take over a country without first disarming its citizens and disarmament of citizens is a major goal of the Democrat party which has become the party of atheism, homosexuality, racism and socialism.

Under Obama’s America, if allowed to come to pass, we’ll be changing the name of our local “Animal Shelter” to “Meat Store” – Take a number, bub.

John White

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