Are you ready for ancient history about Palestine?

9 August 2014

map of middle east - no palestine“Ancient” Palestine, according to artifacts carbon dated, goes all the way back to 15 November 1988 AD. This compares to the modern state of Israel that was founded on 14 May 1948, forty years before establishment of the mythical state of Palestine.

You knew this to be true, but you haven’t had the rhetorical tools to answer contemporary critics of Israel. Here they are, questions you can ask supporters of the not-so-ancient territory of Palestine.


  1. When was it founded and by whom?
  2. What were its borders?
  3. What was its capital?
  4. What were its major cities?
  5. What constituted the basis of its economy?
  6. What was its form of government?
  7. Can you name at least one Palestinian leader before Arafat?
  8. Was Palestine ever recognized by a country whose existence, at that time or now, leaves no room for interpretation?
  9. What was the language of the country of Palestine ?
  10. What was the prevalent religion of the country of Palestine ?
  11. What was the name of its currency? Choose any date in history and tell what was the approximate exchange rate of the Palestinian monetary unit against the US dollar, German mark, GB pound, Japanese yen, or Chinese yuan on that date.
  12. And, finally, since there is no such country today, what caused its demise and when did it occur?

Source: “The Japanese have some questions for ‘Palestine Supporters’”

One thought on “Are you ready for ancient history about Palestine?

  1. 1988 is as good a date as any to mark the modern Palestinian movement, although you could

    pick 1964 when the PLO was founded or even earlier such as 1948, when the All-Palestine Government was proclaimed in the Egyptian-controlled Gaza Strip. None the less, you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig. In all of history there never has been a “Palestinian” state or country and there still isn’t.

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