Democrats v Republicans – Do You Know the Differences?

10 September 2014

Worldview: Progressives versus Conservatives

America imagine a world without itLeading into this discussion, I quote from America: Imagine A World Without Her, by Dinesh D’Souza, Chapter 2, Page 22.

Progressives sometimes sound anti-American, but they are not simply advocates of destruction. In destroying one America they seek to construct another: In other words, their unmaking is a prelude to a remaking. So there is a vision of America that progressives afirm. It just happens to be very different from, indeed antithetical to, the vision that conservatives affirm. Contrary to what we hear, the great American divide is not a clash between conservatives who advocate liberty versus progressives who oppose liberty. Rather, the two sides each affirm a certain type of liberty. One side, for example, cherishes economic liberty while the other champions liberty in the sexual and social domain. Noris it a clash between patriots and anti-patriots. Both sides love America, but they love a different type of America. One side loves the America of Columbus and the Fourth of July, of innovation and work and the “animal spirit” of capitalism, of the Boy Scouts and parochial schools, of traditional families and flag-saluting veterans. The other side loves the America of tolerance and social entitlements, of income and wealth redistribution, of affirmative action and abortion, of feminism and gay marriage.

Now you are ready to compare the two major parties. Click on the link below for a full chart in PDF format.








For me, the bottom line comes through clearly on two issues:

  • Pro-Life vs Pro-Abortion
  • Unnatural Marriage vs Natural Marriage

On the first point, I have learned how a pro-life policy maker will also support all the Constitutionally guaranteed individual rights. Regarding the second, my viewpoint will be spelled out in greater degree in a later post. For now, as a Christian, I believe the holy relationship marked by natural marriage of one man and one woman is an atom in the greater molecule of the Kingdom of God, as described in Ephesians 5:25-33.

In a debate between the chairmen of the Democrat and Republican parties, Democrat Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa and Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri, Chairman Hinojosa pointed out tension in the GOP, as witnessed at the GOP state convention. Chairman Munisteri readily acknowledged the tension.

Tension is the tool we use to clarify and purify our arguments. Is there tension in the Democrat Party? Oh, yes, and it’s growing by the day.

Time was when the GOP was the party of big business, but roles have switched. It is the Democrat Party that has become the property of big business. As I write and as you read, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pushes and bribes lawmakers to open our southern border to unlimited immigration in order to staff labor intensive industries with cheap labor, wholly contrary to the interests of labor unions, traditional Democrat supporters.

Libertarians would have you believe there is no difference between the two major parties. They just look at life through a very narrow aperture.

John White

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