DMN is Wrong for Collin County – Jodie Laubenberg is Right for Collin County

September 26, 2014 AD

Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg  District 89
Texas State Representative Jodie Laubenberg
District 89

Dallas Morning News, a proponent of abortion on demand and other progressive ideals, endorses Jodie Laubenberg’s Democrat opponent.

What progressive ideals?

– True believers in ‘global warming’-cum-‘climate change’, a belief system that does not stand up to the scientific method.

– Abortion on demand supporters generally also believe in population control, as in “death panels” for people over 75 years of age, as in generous birth control measures, as in the genesis of Planned parenthood which is based on a belief in eugenics to eliminate those less intelligent, poorer and with colored complexions. Margaret Sanger started the eugenics movement that became Planned Parenthood.

According to the Washington Times, “Sanger shaped the eugenics movement in America and beyond in the 1930s and 1940s. Her views and those of her peers in the movement contributed to compulsory sterilization laws in 30 U.S. states that resulted in more than 60,000 sterilizations of vulnerable people, including people she considered “feeble-minded,” “idiots” and “morons.””

Also according to the Washington Times,Sanger was a welcome speaker at a KKK rally. “In a letter to Clarence Gable in 1939, Sanger wrote: “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members” (Margaret Sanger commenting on the ‘Negro Project’ in a letter to Gamble, Dec. 10, 1939).

Her own words and television appearances leave no room for parsing. For example, she wrote many articles about eugenics in the journal she founded in 1917, the Birth Control Review. Her articles included “Some Moral Aspects of Eugenics” (June 1920), “The Eugenic Conscience” (February 1921), “The Purpose of Eugenics” (December 1924), “Birth Control and Positive Eugenics” (July 1925) and “Birth Control: The True Eugenics” (August 1928), to name a few.”

Progressives like the editor of the Dallas Morning News tout birth control and abortion as means to liberating women. The truth is what it is: birth control and abortion on demand are eugenics in action to control population.

Moreover, Planned Parenthood is a money-making business, a taxpayer-subsidized money-making business.

I personally know District 89 State Representative Jodie Laubenberg. Her belief system is rooted in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and history. Jodie is the quintessential liberated woman.

I encourage my Collin County friends to re-elect Jodie Anne Laubenberg for District 89.

John White

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