Voter ID – What It Is, What It’s Not and How We Have ALWAYS Had It

12 October 2014

My Response to a History Professor

A local history professor repeatedly equates Texas Voter ID law to Jim Crow laws and the poll tax. After the following exchange on Facebook, he concedes we have always had Voter ID and, no, it’s not ‘Jim Crow’.

Democrat “social activists”, chiefly Eric “Gun Runner” Holder, say 600,000 Texas blacks and Hispanics lack photo ID in advance of November elections. How is it one cannot, under any circumstances, cash a paycheck without photo ID, but some how only blacks and Hispanics are too stupid, too incompetent to have a photo ID?

Are there stupid people in Texas? You know it. Are they all blacks and Hispanics, as Eric “Gun Runner” Holder claims? Give me a break!

Personal to Eric Holder and Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel of the NAACP : Your allusion Hispanics and blacks are too stupid, too indolent, too incompetent to get a state-issued photo ID card is a very direct insult on my fellow Texans, regardless party affiliation.

Eric Holder and his fascist allies have one goal in mind: stuffing ballot boxes with unqualified Democrat votes this fall. Democrats’ all out assault on freedom and the rule of law has a name: “Battleground Texas“. It was a name chosen by Democrats, a name that implies belligerence, a readiness to fight. Their fight is to undermine due process, the rule of law.

Specious claims of “Jim Crow laws” carry no water. Because public education all the way through public universities fails to teach the true history of our country, the ignorant masses, including Democrat activists, readily believe Republicans are out to disenfranchise blacks and Hispanics. It’s a ploy that is working, by the way, to divide the sentiments of Texas voters. Democrats were the sole authors of Jim Crow laws. Democrats were the sole owners of slaves. Democrats wore the white hoods of the KKK. When freedmen first voted following the end of the great Civil War, they voted 100% Republican. Martin Luther King, Jr. was Republican.

Yeah, but have any other black Americans voted Republican? How about a short list – Colin Powell, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Clarence Thomas, LL Cool J, Alan Keyes, Cowboy Troy, Karl Malone, Wilt Chamberlain, Jimmie Walker, Don King, Michael L. Williams, Michael Steele, Angela McGlowan, Joseph C. Phillips, Ward Connerly, Peter Boulware, Lynn Swann, Armstrong Williams, J.C. Watts, 50 Cent, Walter E. Williams, Alveda King, Ken Blackwell, T. D. Jakes, Thomas Sowell, Wallace Jefferson and Mychal Massie.

For the record, Wallace Jefferson served as Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court. “Jefferson has three times made Texas judicial history. In 2001, Governor Perry appointed him the first African American Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and then again in 2004 he was appointed the first African American Chief Justice. In November 2002, Jefferson also became, along with Justice Dale Wainwright, one of the first two African Americans elected to the Court.” [Wikipedia]

Without a doubt in my mind, the above named black American Republicans will all be able to produce a photo ID at a moments notice.

As a matter of historical importance, only Republican Texas governors ever appointed blacks to high office. The first was Governor Edmund Jackson Davis during Reconstruction and the latest is Governor Rick Perry. In between, not even one Democrat governor appointed a black Texan to high office.

We Republicans recognize blacks and Hispanics are fully capable of acquiring a photo ID. We further believe they already have them to carry out routine life in the great state of Texas.

Photo ID’s are usual and customary practice in our society, professor. Which markets accept checks or even credit cards without a photo ID? I have on my person two photo ID’s. I deal with the poorest of the poor and – surprise – they all have photo ID’s. Your arguments against photo ID are baseless and your attempts to transfer past Democrat practices to present day Republicans just doesn’t work, my friend. Photo ID is not “Jim Crow”. It’s not “poll tax”. It’s common sense. Democrats are working overtime in Texas, particularly the Houston area to register voters.

Why Democrats Oppose Voter ID

Howard Foster, writing in the Huffington Post in a 2012 article, titled “Democrats Benefit From Illegal Immigrant Voting” elucidates.

What Is Current Law on Photo ID?

Here is a link to the official State of Texas application process: Apply for an Identification (ID) Card

John White

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