Imminently Unqualified – Obama’s Resume & 2014 Elections

October 25, 2014 – Saturday morning sit-down and dig out the facts: History of Barack and Michelle Obama’s law practices. It’s not a pretty picture.

Back in 2010, one year into the Obama administration, Doug Ross wrote a blog titled: “To be (a lawyer) or not to be…” [Source: ]

Excerpt from Doug’s blog:

“I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about “Barry.” Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).”

Note: ‘political stepping stool’ and ‘lowest intellectual capacity in the building’

Lazy‘ – that explains the 200 rounds of golf

Unqualified‘ – that explains his trampling of the Constitution, his refusal to follow the rule of law

Never attended any of the faculty meetings‘ – that explains his absence from countless security briefings

political stepping stool‘ – validates claims by Percy Sutton, lawyer to Malcolm X, that it was Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour who funneled Saudi money to financially support Barack Obama [Source: ]

lowest intellectual capacity in the building‘ – explains how Valerie Jarrett serves as “Obama’s spine” and, I believe, Obama’s brain. [Source: ]

Photos below are actual screenshots from the ATTORNEY REGISTRATION & DISCIPLINARY COMMISSION OF THE SUPREME COURT OF ILLINOIS. I encourage you to search records yourself. Follow this link and enter a first name and a last name.

click on photo for larger view
Barack Obama – click on photo for larger view
click on photo for larger view
Michelle Obama – click on photo for larger view

Let’s be very clear about whom we are dealing with. When Bill Clinton was in the White House, Bill Clinton called the shots. Unlike Bill Clinton, Barack Obama lacks intellectual capacity ‘to call the shots’. Obama is but a mere puppet controlled by an unseen puppeteer.

Fascists who hate all white people, hate Christ of the cross and hate Jews have control of this president.

2014 votes are possibly the most important in the history of our republic. Let’s do all we can to get friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, and fellow church members to the polls.

Here are all early voting locations and times in Rockwall County:

God bless America and God bless Texas.

John White

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