Why Would I, a Republican, Want Democrats to Vote?

Election Day
November 4, 2014

Imagine newlyweds in the market for something important, say a car. The husband decides on a sports car, while his wife wanted a minivan. Husband wins out, payments start and year by year the family grows, and grows, and grows. Now, they can’t all travel together. So, the wife angrily shouts, “I told you we should have bought a minivan! It’s all your fault!” The woman assumes no responsibility for a bad choice. Elections work like this, too.

I want all eligible voters, Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians, to vote. This season, FORMER Obama supporters are running from him as fast as they can. Americans are angry. Very angry. Why are they angry? They voted for the man. They voted Democrat. They voted for the Affordable Care Act they now discover isn’t affordable at all.

Voters who make bad choices must take personal responsibility for their votes. This is why I want ALL Democrats to vote.

Polls are open all day. Get out the vote!

John White

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