A Little Bit of Texas History – History that Points to the Future

November 5, 2014 AD
The Morning After (Elections)

According to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, in year 2020 Hispanics will be the Texas majority. This 2014 election outcome demonstrates emerging Hispanic leaders are well able to lead us into the next century.

Juan Abamillo, Juan Antonio Badillo, Carlos Espalier, José María Esparza, Antonio Fuentes, Damacio Jiménez, José Toribio Losoya and Andrés Nava gave their lives at the Battle of the Alamo for our freedom. Juan Nepomuceno Seguín is one of our best known military leaders of the Revolution. Francisco Ruiz, Lorenzo de Zavala and José Antonio Navarro were signers of our Declaration of Independence from Mexico.

Navarro went on to serve two terms in our Republic of Texas Senate. Navarro County, Navarro College and even the county seat of Navarro County were named to honor his service. (Navarro was Spanish, born on the isle of Corsica, hence the city Corsicana.)

While governor-elect Greg Abbott isn’t Hispanic, his wife and children are.

Contrary to misguided claims by radical leftist Democrats, Hispanic isn’t a race, it’s a culture pinned to the Spanish language. Racism is a divisive, derogatory term applied to God-fearing, liberty-loving, Rule-of-Law Texans by Democrats who would divide us and return Texas to a sordid history of abortion on demand and expanded socialism. We have a window of opportunity to further enlarge personal liberty and justice for all people in our great state.

Democrats don’t know this, but last night was a good night for them, too. God extended his mercy to us for a while longer.

God bless Texas and God bless pro-life organizations like Texas Alliance for Life, Hispanic Republicans of Texas, Rockwall County Hispanic Republican Club and the Republican Party of Texas for tireless work getting the vote out.

John White

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