Islam v. Christianity – Defining Differences, Only One Possible Outcome

Saturdayislam christianity
November 15, 2014 AD

Shabbat Shalom

Reformer Martin Luther believed the Turks (Muslims) were sent by God to punish Christians for idolatry and false religion. Our president has openly stated, both verbally and in his book, that he favors and stands with Muslims against Christians.

bho islamistCould it be God has placed Barack Obama at the head of our government in order to awaken a sleeping church? Perhaps. But, I have good news.

Across the fruited plain church leaders awaken to do battle with the spirit of Anti-Christ that is even now silencing Christians in the classroom and public square. One by one, church leaders and pastors take a stand against legally-enforced atheism cum Islam. And, I have even more good news.

Jesus Christ is revealing himself to devout Muslims in dreams visions and through Christian witness. Truly, the only way anyone becomes a true believer in Jesus Christ is through personal revelation, just as it was for the Apostle Peter (ref. Matthew 16:13-18).

Jews, Muslims and pagans of all sorts become believers in Jesus Christ through a personal revelation from Father God. As the heat on the church, the collective Body of Christ, rises and Islam appears to be winning, you will see something absolutely astonishing, amazing, unbelievable, as waves of Muslims suddenly bend the knee to Jesus and submit to his Lordship.

kuwaiti prince becomes Christian

Here is a story of one such supernatural encounter one devout Muslim experienced with the Living and True God, El Shaddai:

strict Muslim convert to Christianity

Click on the picture above to read the story and view the video: “WATCH: ‘Strict’ Muslim’s Conversion to Christ Inspires Masses”…/46125-watch-muslim-man-conver…

John White

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