Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

“Uniting Muslims and Christians” is coded language for “one-world religion and government”

Mario Murillo Ministries


Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

By Mario Murillo

The only reason we can be outraged by an Islamic prayer meeting in the National Cathedral is that we are Islamaphobic, hateful and bigoted…right? Wrong.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 

Here is the headline: The Washington National Cathedral hosted its first Muslim prayer service Friday in a powerful symbolic gesture aimed at uniting Christians and Muslims at the nation’s most prominent Episcopal Church.

Aimed at unity?  What gesture of unity did we get from Muslims before opening our national church?  What concession or explanation did they offer for the global atrocities in the name of Islam?  What horror do they feel at ISIS beheadings?  We have yet to see any widespread grief and outrage by the  the 3 million Muslims in America over September 11th!We need to see how ridiculous their logic is.  Presented…

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One thought on “Nothing Could Be Further from the Truth

  1. This should be an outrage to every Christian…. It took the English Christian kings 500 years to run this godless lit out of Europe….this faith is represented by death & no hope…Christianity is represented by love, hope,eternal life!…

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