Dirty Little Secret You Need to Know

Dirty Secret Made Public – You Have A Need To Know

With one hand, Obama has been forcing career military personnel out of service before they are eligible for retirement benefits, in most cases. With the other, he is recruiting debt-burdened college graduates to refill those ranks.

Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady
Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady

Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady, a Medal of Honor recipient for his actions in Vietnam, recently spoke to the media regarding Obama’s secret, yet obvious plan to demoralize and shrink the ranks of the U.S. Military’s sharpest and most experienced leaders. Read more from 3% Nation: http://threepercenternation.com/2014/11/patrick-brady/


Obama isn’t exactly shrinking the size of our military officer corps, he is changing the makeup of officer ranks in the Army and Navy by luring debt-laden college graduates through “Loan Repayment Programs”. Join up and your student loan debt, up to $65,000, simply disappears.


Learn more about the various LRP’s offered by all branches of military services: http://www.military.com/Resources/ResourcesContent/0,13964,44245–,00.html

Obama discards loyal American military officers the way one takes out the trash. He is now staffing the ranks of military officers by buying their loyalty. It’s a contract with the devil. Plain and simple.

Back when Ted Cruz was running for his present office, I had occasion to discuss this with his father, Rafael Cruz. Rafael said to me, “No, John, we support our military.” Yes, I replied, and Obama is developing a military that will turn on us. Hitler did this with his officers. All tyrants throughout history have done this.

What can you do? First of all, discourage high school graduates from becoming encumbered by student debt. Point them to programs like http://www.collegeplus.org/ by which they can earn their university degrees without all the unnecessary expenses.

Click on the image above to learn about Personalized higher education solutions for students ages 14 and up
Click on the image above to learn about Personalized higher education solutions for students ages 14 and up

Second of all, but not least, become a person of prayer, calling on the Living God to turn the hearts of our people to Jesus Christ. Only another Great Awakening can save us from certain calamity.

God, save America.

John White

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