Personal Appeal to Ralph Hall – Say NO to Omnibus Spending Bill

10 December 2014

Honorable Ralph M. Hall
104 N. San Jacinto St.
Rockwall, TX 75087-2508

Subject: Funding President Obama’s radical agenda

Dear friend,

First of all, Ralph Hall, I commend your courage, your tireless representation of the people of our district. Since moving here in 1987, I and my wife have voted for you every election, even before you crossed the aisle to become a Republican.

That terrible auto accident out of which you, once again, showed yourself an overcomer, grieved me and all I know, because, as you well know, you have been more than my Congressman, you became my friend.

Successive landslide wins by Republican candidates for the House and Senate should be proof enough to all members of Congress that We the People are not the least intimidated by this sitting president’s threat to withhold social security payments and to shutter vital government agencies, if denied funding to do as he pleases.

As recent as this morning from the Washington Post I read how a Republican House will fund everything the man wants through September 2015 with a $1.01 trillion spending bill. That same news report reveals how the omnibus spending bill will cut retirees’ pensions.

WAPO journalist Ed O’Keefe sums up our collective public opinion.

Extending current funding for a short period has happened before, but doing so this year will provide an embarrassing climax to one of the most fruitless congressional sessions in history.

‘Embarrassing climax’ pretty well sums it up for us.

Speaker Boehner is actively breaking every campaign promise he made. We see it. We understand it. We don’t approve of it. I have it on good authority Republican House members will re-elect him Speaker.

I ask you to make the people of the Fourth Congressional District of Texas proud by OPPOSING the omnibus bill. You may find yourself in the majority of your Foggy Bottom colleagues, but you last vote of your career will find you in the majority of the people of your district.

God bless you and strengthen you.

John White
Rockwall, Texas


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