Economics 2014 – Which Way is UP?

Are we better off today than six years ago?

  1. 13,500,000 millennials live in poverty
  2. 46,000,000 Americans on food stamps
  3. 65% of all American children live in households subsisting on federal aid programs
  4. labor ‘participation’ is presently at 62.8% which translates to a factual unemployment of 37.2% – this compares to 24.75% unemployment in 1933 at the peak of the Great Depression
  5. national debt has DOUBLED under the Obama administration from $9 trillion to over $18 trillion – the man living in the White House didn’t ‘inherit’ this economy, he CREATED it.

Liberal apologist go after our guns, pile on more bureaucratic regulations by the hour, socialize medical care, stir up racial strife to divide us and wholly ignore our Constitution.

My friends, we are in a situation from which only God can extract us.

John White

One thought on “Economics 2014 – Which Way is UP?

  1. I believe this is largely our generation’s fault. We had it so good after the war that we wanted our children to enjoy the same or more. Not all, but many of our generation did not live up to our responsibility to teach our children what we had learned about how to be responsible citizens. We relinquished control of our kids to the government school system which was hijacked by hippies and dopers who now run the system.

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