Portrait of a Leader: Governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry: Governor, USAF Veteran, Spiritual Leader at The Response, 2011
Rick Perry: Governor, USAF Veteran, Spiritual Leader at The Response, 2011

Recently, Gov. Perry said this about the threat posed by ISIS in the context of the hostage situation in Sydney, Australia.

“The people of Texas, and Americans around the world, are praying for the victims of the hostage crisis in Australia and their loved ones. Americans know the steady resolve of our friends in Australia because our armed forces have served side by side in conflicts against the world’s evils for nearly 100 years, and closely in the fight against terrorism. Today is a reminder of why evil must be confronted and why the U.S. and its allies must focus on how to destroy evil militarily, politically and ideologically around the world. As a nation, we must be prepared to terminate ISIS with superior military power. We must work with our allies to build a grand coalition of civilized nations who will stand united against this evil and care for refugees of the conflict. We must be committed to the principles of freedom against evil ideologies around the world. By focusing on those three components, ISIS will one day be left on ‘the ash heap of history.’” – Politico

Back in August of 2011, my wife and I joined tens of thousands of others at The Response rally in Houston for a full day of prayer and fasting. Before the program began, Kasie Hunt of Politico interviewed me. She asked what would be Governor Rick Perry’s prescription for the ails of our country. Would it be a Republican strategy. I knew in my heart what his “prescription” would be: Rick would not point to a political solution, but to Jesus Christ as our only hope. He did. Here is what he said then, as reported by Kasie Hunt, August 2011. Head bowed, Governor Perry offered this prayer.

“Lord, you are the source of every good thing. You are our only hope and we stand before you today in awe of your power and in gratitude for your blessings, and humility for our sins. Father, our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government, and as a nation we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us and for that we cry out for your forgiveness.”

At the time of the below-right (see composite photo above) photograph of Reliant Stadium, approximately 30,000 were seated. Due to a traffic jam of historic proportions between Bush IAH and the south side of Houston, attendees who flew in from all across the nation slowly but surely filled the next two tiers of seats.

The New York Times reported the following: [Link http://ow.ly/G2pfp]

“Mr. Perry read several passages from the Bible, as thousands of people stood on their feet or knelt in the aisles or on the concrete floor in front of the stage, some wiping tears from their eyes and some shouting “Amen!”

A lifelong Methodist who regularly attends an evangelical megachurch near his home in West Austin, Mr. Perry has been speaking and preaching in the sanctuaries of churches throughout Texas since he was state agricultural commissioner in the 1990s. In his address at Reliant Stadium on Saturday, he appeared calm, confident and unapologetically Christian. “Like all of you, I love this country deeply,” he told the crowd. “Thank you all for being here. Indeed, the only thing that you love more is the living Christ.””

A true leader understands he must operate under Divine Authority, seeking the will and purpose of God to go before the people whom he leads.

We as a nation are headed into troubling times as a consequence of national sin and wicked leaders. What was recognized as evil for centuries is now declared “normal”, a process of reprobation.

I invite you to join me in prayer for revival in this nation, for peace in Jerusalem, for the eyes of all Americans to be opened and their hearts filled revelation of Jesus Christ.

God bless America.

John White

2 thoughts on “Portrait of a Leader: Governor Rick Perry

  1. Unfortunately his religion will also be what is attacked by the left.

    Another millstone around his neck that will come back to haunt him will be his

    push to have girls innoculated against HPV against their will and rumors of his

    ties to the makers of that drug.

  2. He may not be the sharp knife in the drawer, but he is our knife!…I think he is a real American….not a nut like so many others!…who are not!

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