Castro and Obama: after 18 months of secret negotiations, do we learn what concessions were made?

Amazing, isn’t it? All these progressive liberals here in our country who know precisely what the Cuban people need, or so they suppose.

Ladies in White peacefully protest
Ladies in White peacefully protest

First, let’s get the opinion of the Ladies in White (Damas de Blanco). Who are these women? They are the wives, mothers, friends and sisters of men persecuted by the communist Castro government. For just over ten years, these valiant ladies have peacefully marched the streets of Havana. They dress all in white and carry flowers. Cuban authorities often violently assault and arrest them, but they just can’t silence them. Why? Because, life in Cuba is the next thing to living in hell itself. These women know the only way they can go is up. Read: ‘Ladies in White’ protesters held in Cuba crackdown

Yoanni Sanchez, philologist, blogger, mom and wife
Yoanni Sanchez, philologist, blogger, mom and wife

Next, let’s introduce Yoanni Sanchez who remarked, “The release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience; the end of political repression; the ratification of the United Nations covenants on Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and the consequent adjustment of domestic laws; and the recognition of Cuban civil society within and outside the island. Extracting these commitments would begin the dismantling of totalitarianism.” But, will this happen? What says Mr. Raul Castro?

Raul Castro praises President Barack Obama. Raul declares he welcomes the relaxing of sanctions, but firmly says Cuba will remain communist. What about the rest of the castristas? What do they say? The ruling class doesn’t want the embargo lifted. Say what?!?!

As Yoanni Sanchez so authoritatively says, this Cuban communist government exists because of an “enemy”, the United States of America. If the EE.UU. is longer an enemy, the communist government could collapse. That would be a good thing, to be sure, but will it happen? If I had a crystal ball, I would chunk it in the garbage. Nonetheless, I can imagine a scenario in which the ruling class dethrones Raul Castro to keep their sweet deal going. Read her blog in English:

While in Cuba in 2004, during my morning prayer, I think I heard “Cuban will fall in a moment of time”. Later that same day an elderly Cuban man approached me to ask, “What do you see [in the future] for Cuba?” When I shared with him what I thought I heard that same morning, he became agitated and began nervously thumbing through his aged Bible, opening it to Jeremiah 51:8 that says, “Suddenly is Babylon fallen…”. “This” he remarked, “I have prayed on my knees for 17 years.”

Is lifting the embargo a good thing? Liberal progressives on our side of the Straits of Florida say yes. Cuban refugees living here and persecuted Cuban living there say something else. They say no.

By way of introduction, Yoanni Sanchez is the most widely read blogger in the world today. She is a philologist by university training who was born and raised under the heel of Castro’s communist state. She isn’t a refugee and she wasn’t around before the revolution. Her blog translates into about 18 languages and she is on Twitter as @yoanisanchez. She has received numerous awards for her writings. To me, she is somewhat like Winston Churchill with respect to her command of language. Hitler couldn’t silence Churchill and Castro couldn’t silence Yoanni.

John White

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