Texas Driver Licenses for Aliens: Good or Bad Idea?

Should aliens, specifically undocumented, aka illegal aliens, be allowed to obtain a state driver license?

At present, between 20% and 25% of all drivers on Texas highways do not carry state mandated minimum liability insurance. Texas is not a no-fault state, so a motorist who causes damage to your vehicle or your person and does not have requisite liability insurance, you will be left holding the bill for all medical and replacement costs.

Other states have tried no-fault, but are dropping it, because it has a deleterious effect on cost of insurance for those who purchase it.

California will be allowing aliens to obtain a driver license. One article I read this morning said that state is “giving” aliens a license. Not exactly. They have to know what all California licensed drivers must know and personal information becomes a matter of public record: the state will know where they live.

On the “pro” side, having a license is essential to purchasing insurance and related items like inspection stickers and registration.

Latin American aliens licensed to drive in their home countries are allowed by law to drive in ours IF they travel more than 25 miles north of the border and have proper insurance coverage.

The same applies to U.S. citizens who drive in Mexico, for example. If you remain within the boundaries of the geographical and immigration borders (25 miles south of RIo Bravo) your U.S. insurance covers you. To travel beyond the immigration border you must purchase Mexican insurance.

Regarding issuance of driver licenses to aliens, American citizens living abroad routinely acquire licenses in country of residence.

No, it’s not tantamount to voting privileges, despite some claims to the contrary.

This is a matter for careful investigation by our Texas Legislature and not something to be hastily done. Since our Legislature meets biannually, there is no probability of it suddenly happening.

I suggest approaching this issue from the perspective of how and why it would serve the greater good of all Texans, instead of a perspective on how to punish aliens, legal or illegal.

John White

One thought on “Texas Driver Licenses for Aliens: Good or Bad Idea?

  1. Why do we owe these lawbreakers for something we h Ave to pay for?…The licenses are worth nothing if there is no insurance or cash behind them!…This is crazy!…we can’t deport, jail, be paid etc w/ this crowd!…Why do we have to provide something else for them?

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