Will the Backlash Against Muslims in Europe Affect “Los Dreamers” in Texas?

How will a backlash against Muslim immigrants in France affect the “immigration reform” debate in this country?

Full disclosure: I understand the angst, the anguish of immigrant children living in Texas, kids who had no choice in coming here. They are thoroughly American from head to toe. They speak fluent English, only some are bilingual. Immigrant children like the same things native children like, go to the same movies, have smart phones and Facebook accounts – apart from facial features and perhaps skin tone, they are American through and through. But, there is no future for them as they sit in a legal limbo of arrested development. These kids, in most cases, could not survive in the countries of their nativities. I want very much to fully integrate them into the American experience. There is reason they are called “Dreamers”.

That said, the tactics taken by a lot of Dreamers and their relatives works counter to their goal of becoming legal residents and citizens of our country.

If unwanted guests arrived at your home, unannounced, uninvited, and began to demand you allow them all the benefits of invited guests, you would probably become angry, angry to the point of calling local law enforcement to file a complaint of trespass.

dreamers pass the dream act

Personal to the Dreamers: Your collective behavior is working against you. Fact of the matter is simple: you are neither citizens nor legal residents. Most of my fellow Americans see your protests as anti-American.

Now, looking to current events in France, we see how Muslim immigrants have been allowed into a host country, but the guests brought with them the idea that France should forego its culture, history and laws in favor of Muslim ideologies and Sharia law. Up to a point, French citizens have generally turned a blind eye, so to speak, to Muslim takeovers of whole neighborhoods where French law enforcement abandoned those neighborhoods to self-rule under Sharia law.

statue of liberty emma lazarus poemWhile we may be at odds with the French in many respects, we share one common ideal: FREEDOM. It was France that came to our aid against the British during our American Revolution. It was France that gave us the Statue of Liberty. We two people, diverse in language and culture, equally value personal liberty.

Our forefathers rejected state-mandated religion, even down to a specific variety of Christianity. They understood how Christians must experience a personal encounter with the Living God in the person of Jesus Christ. Muslims in France intend to foist upon all French citizens and residents Sharia law – no exceptions. Sharia is intolerant of Christians and Jews.

Barbarity of Muslims in France will amplify opposition in this country to blanket amnesty. And, you should know that impolite demands by you Dreamers will work contrary to your goal of enjoying our hard-won freedoms.

Yes, we have a president you think sympathetic to your cause. He’s not. His true motivation is hatred for all white people of European descent. In his mind we are a colonial power, but history runs counter to his imagination. Those countries we defeated in war were restored by our kindness and our treasury. Germany, Great Britain, Mexico, Iraq, Japan, etc. are not our colonies, but contemporary allies who are thankful for the mercies we extended them.

Barack Obama has one goal in mind: total reformation of our liberties into a socialist state. If you Dreamers hate the life your parents left behind, you’ll most certainly hate even more the life before you, if this country fails at the rule of law.

ayn rand - no difference

Cubans yearn to leave Cuba where a stealth communist government promising “hope and change” took total control of the country. Cubans lost private property rights back in 1959. They were disarmed. Their fathers and mothers were imprisoned for speaking against the totalitarian Castro regime and all these things remain true for Cubans today. Is this what you want?

I encourage you to learn our history and to read and study the Bible. This country, unlike any other, was founded on the principle of self-rule, “dominio propio”. We the People are, at least for a while longer, second only to God in authority over this country.

If America becomes like the Cuba or the countries of your origins, to where shall you flee?

John White

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