Rockwall Residents Push Back Against Destruction of Neighborhoods

Forces are at work to rezone a portion of my neighborhood, your neighborhood, from residential SF-10 to commercial PD (planned development).

Here is the affected area. The “Subject Property” marked by blue hash lines rests directly across the street from The Commons.

Rick Dirkse, contrary to the will of affected residents, is pushing to rezone our neighborhood.
Rick Dirkse, contrary to the will of affected residents, is pushing to rezone our neighborhood.

At the latest Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, a public hearing brought out interested persons to hear the facts and to personally respond. Respond we did.

A total of 12 citizens spoke before the P&Z Commission. Only one (1) spoke for rezoning our neighborhood. ELEVEN (11) opposed. P&Z members present split the vote 3 to 3. Regardless our voices, regardless the lack of consensus among commission members, the Planning Director has this on tonight’s City Council agenda, expecting a council vote to pass it.

As I stated publicly to Mr. Dirkse, there is an abundance of commercial property right across the street south of and north of The Commons for his office building. But, we sense more at work. The present property owner apparently intends to wear us away as he chips at our neighborhood one lot at a time to commercialize the west side of Ridge Road.

We need you to contact your Rockwall City Council. Tell them to OPPOSE, vote ‘NO’, on this rezoning request. And, tell them to “deny with prejudice” to keep this matter null for at least one year.

Here’s how to contact them:

Mayor Jim Pruitt
Mayor Pro Tem (Place 4) Dennis Lewis
Place 1 David White
Place 2 John Hohenshelt
Place 3 Bennie Daniels
Place 5 Scott Milder
Place 6 Mike Townsend

Please share this with fellow Rockwall residents and urge them to contact City Hall.

Thank you,

John White

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