Constitutional Carry – An Open Letter to State Rep. Scott Turner

UPDATED 16 February 2015: Response to my open letter


I have been, and always will be, a fierce advocate of Second Amendment rights. I proudly support Constitutional Carry as well as Open Carry legislation and will closely monitor the precise language in those specified bills as they progress through the legislative process. I am committed to vote in favor of legislation that protects the constitutional rights and liberties of law abiding citizens.

Click on this link to read Scott Turner’s full response to this open letter (PDF file): Response Letter – Open and Constitutional Carry 2-16-2015

25 January 2015

HD-33 State Rep. Scott Turner represents Rockwall and Collin Counties
HD-33 State Rep. Scott Turner represents Rockwall and Collin Counties

Honorable Scott Turner
Texas State Capitol
Room E1.318
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768

Subject: Constitutional Carry


We, the members of CARGO Rockwall Gun Club1. [Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership] are pleased State Representative Jonathan Stickland introduced HB-195 that removes onerous language from current law to restore common sense to Texas firearms laws.We are also pleased and encouraged by the following bills.

  • HB 164 by Rep. James White – I think James’ introduction of this bill has historical significance. The reason Texans were prohibited until recent years from publicly possessing a hand-held firearm was the racist act by a Democrat state legislature in post-Reconstruction Texas. That act was intended to disarm freedmen. Consequently, all Texans were disarmed.
  • HB 106 by Rep. Dan Flynn

As newly elected State Senator Don Huffines recently remarked on HB-195 in a news conference, open-carry is sensible legislation that provides greater security and safety for families.

Can we count on you to support and vote for the above bills? I eagerly await your response which I will post on my website


John White

Rockwall, Texas

PS – CARGO Rockwall Gun Club meets every second Thursday of each month, 6 to 7 pm in the private dining room of the Soulman’s Bar-B-Que restaurant in Rockwall between Applebee’s and Lake Pointe Church. You are welcome to visit us to update us on pending legislation.

4 thoughts on “Constitutional Carry – An Open Letter to State Rep. Scott Turner

  1. John,

    Your missive below is confusing.

    While the title of your article calls for “Constitutional Carry” which is commonly

    understood to be unlicensed open carry, HB106 and HB164 call for licensed open carry.

    You then ask Representative Turner to vote for the “above bills.”

    I think a clear position on either licensed or unlicensed open carry would be better and less confusing.



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