US Pays Hamas to Kill Jews and Defile Christian Gravesites

30 January 2015

According to a Congressional Research report titled ‘U.S. Foreign Aid to the Palestinians’, our federal government provides more per capita foreign aid to Palestinians than to any other people group on earth. I quote:

 “Since the establishment of limited Palestinian self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza Strip in the mid-1990s, the U.S. government has committed approximately $5 billion in bilateral assistance to the Palestinians, who are among the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid. Successive Administrations have requested aid for the Palestinians in apparent support of at least three major U.S. policy priorities of interest to Congress:

  • Preventing terrorism against Israel from Hamas and other militant organizations.
  • Fostering stability, prosperity, and self-governance in the West Bank that inclines
    Palestinians toward peaceful coexistence with Israel and a “two-state solution.”
  • Meeting humanitarian needs.
Palestinians desecrating Christian corpses and burning them
Palestinians desecrating Christian corpses and burning them

The above photograph begs the question: Does desecration of Christian burial sites fall under “Meeting humanitarian needs”?

Let’s tell Congress to end all foreign aid to Muslim countries. There is not even ONE Muslim country we can truly count as a friend.

The U.S. disbursed $33.2 billion—$19 billion in economic assistance to 184 countries and $14.2 billion in military assistance to 142 countries. Out of the top six U.S. foreign aid recipients, five of them were Muslim countries. And yet it seems the U.S. can’t buy good press in the Middle East.Forbes Magazine Online

By the Numbers: 2014 Foreign Aid

Total financial aid to Pakistan in 2014 was $858,000,000. Average annual authorization for foreign aid to Pakistan is $1,500,000,000. (billion with a ‘B’).

This week an Afghan soldier turned his weapon on American workers in Afghanistan. No other country receives more foreign aid than Afghanistan.

As an aside. learn how an ISIS fighter from Pakistan got funding via the US.

Isn’t it time to end the funding of our enemies?

John White


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