Tax the Internet? Shall We Surrender Our Freedom to Unelected Bureaucrats?

3 February 2015


Join with us to protect Internet freedom – Sign the petition to Commissioner Wheeler

Who do you want in charge of the direction of the Internet: people at dot-com startups that brought us game changing companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon and Uber; or nameless, faceless, unelected bureaucrats in our nation’s capital?

Let’s stop this Obama power grab. Sign the petition via this convenient link:

If this leftist federal government takes over the internet, you can be assured of more intrusive government domestic spying, censorship of free speech and TAXES.

You may not know Obama is proposing a $7.5 TRILLION SPENDING INCREASE. How can Congress pay for such extraordinary expenditures? The only means is to raise taxes on EVERYTHING and our Internet is his number one target for taxing purposes. Remember: ObamaCare is actually the largest tax increase in the history of our country. How much greater potential to tax the Internet.

Please also contact the offices of our Texas Congressional delegation:

Senator John Cornyn –

Senator Ted Cruz –

Congressman John Ratcliffe –


325 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Phone: (202) 225-6673
Fax: (202) 225-3332


6531 Horizon Road
Suite A
Rockwall, TX 75032

Phone: (972) 771-0100
Fax: (972) 771-1222


100 West Houston Street
2nd Floor
Sherman, TX 75090

Phone: (903) 813-5270
Fax: (903) 868-8613


2600 North Robison Road
Suite 190
Texarkana, TX 75599
Phone: (903)-823-3173
Fax (903)-832-3232

Thank you for standing against bloated federal government.

John White

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