Rockwall Democrats Quietly Assent as Obama Destroys America?

17 February 2015 AD

ISIS burns 45 innocent civilians to death. ISIS beheads 21 Egyptian Christians. ISIS forces Christian women into sexual slavery. Americans ask why so-called moderate Muslims don’t sound off against the barbarity. I ask why Democrats don’t cry out.

You local Rockwall County Democrats who read my postings. I know many of you, but you remain silent. Is your silence tacit consent, tacit agreement? Do you delight in the murder of Christians and Jews? Are you pleased with your party leader’s leadership? Sadly, it appears you do.

A Democrat Senate minority refuses to follow tried and true Congressional protocols to amend and debate the DHS budget. Instead, Sen. Dick Durbin proposes scrapping House bills to craft a spending bill in the Senate, despite the fact doing so is ‪#‎UNCONSTITUTIONAL‬. Where is the local Rockwall County Democrat leadership? By your silence, you give consent, you are in agreement with the untenable destruction of America.

President Barack Obama pledged to fundamentally change America. He’s doing it.

– He’s flooding the country with illegal aliens toward his goal of diluting the conservative vote.

– By design or simply due to incompetence, Obama sets the stage for global economic collapse, thereby aiding and abetting ISIS in its hast to an apocalyptic finale to this world.

Barack Obama openly defies the Constitution, ignores the Rule of Law, refuses to defend either Israel or Middle East Christians, while feebly saying all ISIS really wants is “jobs”. Well, Mr. President, they have jobs. To the tune of $3,000,000 a day from sales of black market oil, they are hiring. They are hiring unemployed Europeans, Middle Easterners, and unemployed
Americans to serve as soldiers who rape, rob, brutalize, murder, incinerate and enslave Christians and moderate Muslims.

If incompetence, Congress, including DEMOCRATS, is obligated to replace this sitting president.

If treason, Congress, including DEMOCRATS, is obligated to replace this sitting president.

John White

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