Apple Computer Opposes Traditional Marriage?
Apple Computer Opposes Traditional Marriage?

Headline: MONTGOMERY, AL, February 18, 2015

( — Tech giant Apple, Inc. has fired an Alabama lobbyist and former state legislator after a local political blog criticized him for his views in support of true marriage. Read the full story from LifeSiteNews via this link: 

I used the official Apple contact website to send the following message.

Apple CEO Tim Cook fired his Alabama lobbyist Jay Love the same day a blog critical of Jay’s opposition to ‘gay marriage’ was posted.

I own a number of Apple iPhones and iPads heavily used in my company. My granddaughter has a Mac notebook computer and has had a cell phone from age 7 years.

Speaking on behalf my employees and my extensive family, we are pro-life, Christian and Republican. To us, all life is valuable, including the life of Apple CEO Tim Cook. Among our pro-life beliefs is the cherished God-ordained institution of holy marriage which has been the “gold standard” of family life for over 5,761 years recorded history.

It appears your CEO positions himself as an opponent of pro-life people like us. Please plainly state your official position, with respect to traditional marriage.

Here’s a link to the Apple Website Feedback page where you can leave your comment, too. 

Thanks for speaking out.

John White

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