Rockwall ISD Teaches ‘Diversity’?

28 April 2015

Rockwall ISD celebrates and encourages ‘diversity’. Diversity Leadership Award Winners for 2015 Our school district didn’t start this this year. It’s been going on a while.

Is this good for our Rockwall ISD students? What does it mean? What’s behind it?

di•verse /dɪˈvɝs, daɪ-/ adj. 

  1. of a different kind, form, or character:diverse ideas on how to raise children.
  2. of various kinds or forms:She has diverse interests: dogs, music, reading, gymnastics.

In 1964, Texas and Tennessee led the south in integration of public schools. Between 1964 and 1865 we in the white schools were made to believe blacks had “separate but equal” schools and facilities – this was untrue. Today, US public schools are fully integrated, but there is a move afoot to undue a half-century of progress.

e pluribus unumLatin

  1. out of many, one (motto of the U.S.).
  2. A motto of the United States; Latin for “Out of many, one.” It refers to the Union formed by the separate states. E pluribus unum was adopted as national motto in 1776 and is now found on the Great Seal of the United States and on United States currency.
USA National Seal
USA National Seal

I remember well when my hometown school district integrated in 1964. From the first day of school through a couple weeks or so I waited for all the bad things to happen that were told me would happen, when blacks came to our schools.What happened? Nothing. Nada. Zero, at least nothing bad.

What happened that was good? Well for starters Palacios ISD High School “Fighting Sharks” went all the way to become 1964 AA State Football Champion. Would such a fete have been possible without the athletic prowess of Jerry Haynes and other new ‘Sharks’? Not in a million years. I and several of my class of ’66 were at Jerry’s funeral to honor him a couple years ago. We didn’t have to do it. We wanted to do it. Was our intention to “look good”? By no means. We are self-confident lot that needs no artificial props. We did it because we truly respected and loved Jerry Haynes.

Full and complete integration didn’t happen overnight. In fact, integration continues to this day. Well, at least I hope it will continue. Why do I worry it won’t?

Liberal progressives have successfully incorporated “diversity training” into practically all public school systems across the country. What is “diversity training” and for what purpose do schools promote it? Let’s look at Emory University for a concise answer.

The purpose of the Diversity Education Program is to increase awareness and acceptance of diversity. This program focuses on enhancing individual’s understanding of their own identity and culture; expanding knowledge of other cultures and identities; promoting involvement in diverse activities and communication with other cultures; raising awareness about social issues and injustices; and developing culturally competent leaders within the campus community.

What is culture, in context with public school programs?

culture /ˈkʌltʃəʳ/

  1. a particular form or stage of civilization, such as that of a nation or period

Questions come to mind, with respect to black Americans descended from those imported to this country for purposes of slave labor.

Which culture shall we select for the celebration? Let’s restrict this posting to one: African-American.

  • Which are descendants of the cliff-dwelling cultures of the Dogon and the Senufo people? If Dogon-ites, perhaps celebrate the legend that a snake led them to the cliff at the southern end of the plateau, where they overwhelmed and usurped the local Tellem and Niongom populations.
  • Know we from which tribes of the Yoruba faith come our Rockwall ISD students? If helpful, let’s identify the specific African countries in which the Yoruba live: Nigeria, Togo and Benin.

According to Michigan State University, people within this region of western Africa speak hundreds of different languages, practice various religions, have many histories and traditions, and earn a living in a number of different ways.

Conclusion: there is no singular, homogeneous western African culture. May I point out the not-so-obvious? Are you ready for this? Africa is not a country. It’s a continent, second largest on planet earth with a land mass of 11,670,000 square miles. How big is the continent of Africa? It has an equivalent land mass of the sum of the USA, China, India and most of the European continent.

The United States of America is a country, not a continent, with a gross land mass of 3,705,407.

As a continent, Africa has hundreds of languages, hundreds of cultures and innumerable religions. In contrast, as a country, the United States of America has one unique language: American English. It’s not the “official language”. It’s the language of commerce, education and government.

Back to the matter of teaching Rockwall ISD students ‘diversity’: Diversity training is simply reverse integration.

In some places here in America, students are and have been prohibited from celebrating American culture because it might offend someone. Don’t believe me? It’s happened and happening at Fort Collins High School and at Live Oak High in Morgan Hill, California.

What should Rockwall ISD be teaching and encouraging? AMERICAN CULTURE.

Our culture is the ONLY culture emulated throughout the modern world, from China to Cuba, from Russia to Argentina. Young people from all over the world love our Rock ‘n Roll, freedoms and high standard of living. I met a gentleman in Sao Paulo, Brazil who spoke not a word of English, but shares my love of Patsy Cline singing “Crazy”.

Our unique culture isn’t Mexican, or Russian, or Iris, or English, or Canadian, or Chinese or Filipino. It’s OUR culture. Rock ‘n Roll was derived from Blues created by black Americans. However, Blues music isn’t a western African music as neither is Rock ‘n Roll: it’s 100% AMERICAN music.

Let’s not fall for the divide-and-conquer liberal agenda overtaking America today. It’s time to put aside political correctness and stand for our beloved country.

I hope you, like me, prefer our present motto in lieu of this one, “a populo divulso” – a people divided.

John White

Rockwall, Texas

Texas – Pause for Thankfulness

25 April 2015

Photo: Texas Farm Bureau
Photo: Texas Farm Bureau

Texas, our Texas! All hail the mighty State!
Texas, our Texas! So wonderful so great!
Boldest and grandest, Withstanding ev’ry test;
O Empire wide and glorious, You stand supremely blest.

God bless you Texas! And keep you brave and strong,
That you may grow in power and worth, Thro’out the ages long.

Texas, O Texas! Your freeborn single star,
Sends out its radiance to nations near and far.
Emblem of freedom! It sets our hearts aglow,
With thoughts of San Jacinto and glorious Alamo.


Texas, dear Texas! From tyrant grip now free,
Shines forth in splendor your star of destiny!
Mother of heroes! We come your children true,
Proclaiming our allegiance, our faith, our love for you.

Texas State Song: William J. Marsh and Gladys Yoakum Wright

Photo: John White
Photo: John White

Let us give all the glory to God for his blessings of rain on our parched state. Scripture says it rains on the just and the unjust alike. We, the just and the unjust, must give all thanks to Jehovah Jireh, Jireh Jehová, Yhvh Yireh – whatever language you speak – for His mercies are new every morning.

John White

Natural Right to Self-Defense on ‘Cruz Control’ Back to Basics

ted cruz on second amendment

LITCHFIELD, N.H.—Appealing to New Hampshire’s powerful gun culture, Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that he’s “pressing” Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain to hold hearings on whether soldiers should be allowed to carry their own concealed firearms onto military bases.

“I am very concerned about that policy,” the Texas senator told 120 gun owners at a hunting club here, before taking a trip to a firing range for some target practice. “I think it’s very important to have a public discussion about why we’re denying our soldiers the ability to exercise their Second Amendment rights.”

Read more:

The right to life vis a vis the right to self-defense does not and must not end upon a citizen’s admission into military ranks and these same  rights do divorce themselves from civilians who work on or visit military bases.

Senator Ted Cruz works to restore Second Amendment rights to our military personnel, as they were before leftists expanded control over American society.

Want to know more?

Can we just get down to brass tacks on the subject of the Bill of Rights, in particular the Second Amendment?

Amendment II

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

What do these words mean?

The Second Amendment has two succinct phrases.

The first, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” acknowledges the necessity of a standing military force for the purpose of protecting the respective states. Subsequently, there are National Guard soldiers and airmen in all fifty states and four U.S. territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

The second phrase also acknowledges the vital importance of the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Period. It’s a right, not a privilege. Regarding the first phrase, let’s consider the obvious: residents of a particular state or territory are the pool of people from which those in the first come. Is this second phrase a stand-alone principle, or something else?

The second phrase serves as a restraint, a check, on the first. And, it’s more. Consider the following words of our Unanimous Declaration of Independence.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

The framers of our Texas Constitution understood the potential for tyrannical government. Note the wording of the Texas bill of right, Article 1, Section 23.

RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Every citizen shall have the right to keep and bear arms in the lawful defense of himself or the State; but the Legislature shall have power, by law, to regulate the wearing of arms, with a view to prevent crime.

We have the natural, God-given right to life which inextricably links self-defense with defense of our neighbors, those in close proximity.

Logic, reason and history affirm a principle of the right to life in the article linked above where Senator Ted Cruz takes he fight for Second Amendment rights to military bases.

Perhaps you don’t know. Rapid erosion of Second Amendment rights for military personnel began two months following Clinton’s inauguration into the office of presidency with issuance of Army Regulation 190-14, an extension of DoD 5210.56 issued April 1, 2011.

Reference: TITLE 18—CRIMES AND CRIMINAL PROCEDURE, CHAPTER 44—FIREARMS, Section 930: “whoever knowingly possesses or causes to be present a firearm or other dangerous weapon in a Federal facility (other than a Federal court facility), or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both.”

How well has the aforementioned federal firearms restrictions worked for vulnerable military and civilian personnel working on military bases?

  • 2009: Muslim Army officer Nidal Hassan massacred in cold blood 13 persons on Fort Hood [Read More]
  • 2012: Spc. Marshall D. Drake shot and killed Pfc. Grant Wise
  • 2012: Spc. Ricky Elder shot and killed Lt. Col. Roy L. Tisdale at Fort Bragg, N.C, then committed suicide with the same weapon [Read More]
  • 2013: Civilian Alvin Roundtree shot and wounded his common law wife, an Air Force Captain [Read More]
  • 2013: Fort Knox soldier Marquinta E. Jacobs shot and killed Lloyd Gibert, a civilian employer at a Fort Knox, Ky. [Read More]
  • 2013: Marine Sgt. Eusebrio Lopez shot and killed Lance Corporal Sara Castromata and Corporal Jacob Wooley before committing suicide with his weapon [Read More]

Learn more from NBC-4 Washington: A History of Shootings at Military Installations in the U.S.

Call it “workplace violence”. Call it “mass shootings by rogue military personnel”. Call it whatever you wish. Families of the bereaved call it heartbreak.

John White


Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt – Public Invited to Meet the Mayor at NINETEEN in The Shores

18 April 2015

May 2015 city elections draw near so it’s time to count our blessings of low taxes, fiscally conservative government and outstanding leadership. Early voting will be held Monday, April 27 thru Tuesday, May 5 (excluding Sunday) at the Rockwall County Library, 1215 E. Yellow Jacket Lane.

Please join us Friday, April 24, 2015, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM at NINETEEN, inside the Rockwall Golf & Athletic Club, 2600 Champions Drive in The Shores neighborhood of Rockwall.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall Mayor Jim Pruitt – Public Invited to Meet at Luigi’s Cafe

18 April 2015

May 2015 city elections draw near so it’s time to count our blessings of low taxes, fiscally conservative government and outstanding leadership. Early voting will be held Monday, April 27 thru Tuesday, May 5 (excluding Sunday) at the Rockwall County Library, 1215 E. Yellow Jacket Lane.

Please join us Tuesday, April 21, 2015 Luigi’s Italian Restaurant, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Luigi’s is located at 2002 South Goliad Street, here in Rockwall.

John White

Open Letter to HD-33 Rep. Scott Turner – Licensing Open Carry of Handguns

18 April 2015

Click on picture for video
Rep. Scott Turner in Rockwall photo by John White


Honorable Scott Turner
Texas State Representative HD-33
6537 Horizon Rd, Suite B2
Rockwall, TX 75032

Subject: Open-Carry legislation


As of this Saturday morning, 360 members of a Facebook group calling itself “Come and Take It Austin” and also “Come and Take It Texas”. pledge to create mayhem at the State Capitol by wearing toy guns disguised as Glock handguns.

Screen Capture from Facebook 18 Apr 2015
Screen Capture from Facebook 18 Apr 2015

These folks mean well. But, such bully tactics work contrary to restoring Texas firearms freedoms lost as a consequence of the Civil War.

As of March of this year, there are 826,000 Texans licensed for concealed-carry. Between 09/01/2013 – 08/31/2014 the Department of Public Safety denied licenses to 850 persons for one reason or another. Doing the math, fewer than one-tenth of one percent of our number were deemed lawfully unqualified for concealed carry.

Texas Constitution Bill of Rights - Article 1
Texas Constitution Bill of Rights – Article 1

Another calculation, 360/826,000 reveals fewer than one-third of one-tenth of one percent is numerically insignificant. This is not to say our fellow Texans are insignificant, but to say they do not by any means represent the vast majority of Texans who qualify under law to bear a concealed handgun.

Between 01/01/2013 and 12/31/2013 Texas DPS tallied 50,869 convictions for all crimes. Out of that number only 158 CHL holders were convicted of any crime whatsoever. Our overall conviction rate during this time period was merely 0.3106% of all criminal convictions. According to Rockwall County Sheriff Harold Eavenson, speaking at our April CARGO Rockwall Gun Club meeting, arrest and conviction rate for CHL holders is less than for law enforcement officers.

I ask you to not judge all Texans who would carry handguns by the actions of a minuscule group of activists. Judge us by our track record.

I support licensing of all persons who would carry handguns “with a view to prevent crime”.


John White

Rockwall, Texas

Do Not Go To Jail

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership
Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

CARGO Rockwall Gun Club – What’s in a name?

When engaging a criminal perpetrator with your legally owned, legally licensed carry handgun, you face two TWO to FOUR battles.

First: the battle for your life. You fire on a person threatening you.

Second: you may have another battle with a law enforcement person who just doesn’t believe civilians have the right to keep and bear arms.

Third: law enforcement may judge you in the wrong, arrest you, toss you in jail and then a prosecutor may decide to prosecute you, based on charges brought by the arresting officer.

Fourth: family members of the deceased perpetrator will very likely sue you.

Your first battle is a matter of circumstances and your judgement.

All three of the succeeding battles are a matter of what comes out of your mouth after you kill the perpetrator who threatened your life, starting with the 911 call.

What should you say? What should you NOT say?

Battles two and three can be costly. Very costly. Bail bond, criminal lawyer, lost revenue from being off work, emotional trauma to yourself and your family.

Battle four will be the most costly.

How does one prepare in advance to manage these battles?

CARGO Rockwall Gun Club serves to educate citizens and law enforcement officers on pertinent law and behaviors.

CARGO: Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

CARGO Rockwall was spawned from our parent organization CARGO Wylie just over one year ago.

One of our goals is to foster civil, respectful relations between citizen and law enforcement. Another goal is to educate both parties on pertinent law. Along the way, our volunteer experts teach various firearm subjects from selection of appropriate concealed-carry firearms, to gun accessories, to ammunition. We also teach what to say, what not to say and how to behave before and after the shooting incident.

We are citizens serving citizens. There are no dues or costs of any kind to participate.

You can connect with CHL instructors, federally licensed firearms dealers, law enforcement officers and attorneys.

We meet every SECOND THURSDAY of every month in the private dining room of the Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall between Applebee’s and Lake Pointe Church on the eastbound frontage road of I-30.

Join us a little before 6:00 pm to go through the serving line. (This is how the owner pays expenses for our free meeting room.) Then find a seat in the private dining room. Formal presentations begin promptly at 6:00 pm and end promptly at 7:00 pm.

Stay as long as you wish after 7:00 pm to visit with CHL instructors, firearms dealers, law enforcement officers, elected officials, prosecutors and attorneys. The mix of experts varies, depending on real world schedules.

Questions or comments?


John White