Obama “Normalizes” Relations With Cuba – Good or Bad?

16 April 2015

Obama has never met a despot he didn't like
Obama has never met a despot he didn’t like

El Tourismo Sexual Cubano (Sexual Tourism in Cuba)

Initially, self-righteous Fidel Castro in his chosen role of ‘communist god of Cuba’ decreed prostitution “counter revolutionary”. But, on collapse of his grand benefactor, the Soviet Union, the economy went down the toilet. Castro vehemently denounced President Bush in 2004, saying President Bush’s claims of government-sanctioned prostitution were false. Well, it would seem that settles that. I know better. As a missionary to Cuba, I have seen potbellied men from North America and Europe in the company of teenage girls. It’s a sight seared in my memory, one that arouses anger in me.

La Sida (Translation: AIDS)

Scientists reported in January of this year (2015) a virulent infection found in Cuba that rapidly becomes full-blown AIDS within three years. [Source: ScienceDirect – CRF19_cpx is an Evolutionary fit HIV-1 Variant Strongly Associated With Rapid Progression to AIDS in Cuba]

Caribbean Conundrum

Presently, Colombia is the number one destination for sex tourists, even over Thailand. American men freely take advantage of girls and boys hungry for money. It’s unlawful there, just as it is here, but money talks big time in impoverished societies.

When Cuba opens to free travel, American sex tourism will equal or exceed that of Colombia.

What’s The Point?

Juvenile prostitution, along with adult prostitution, flourishes in Cuba, despite the fact it’s unlawful. Removing barriers to free travel and free trade between the USA and Cuba will further exacerbate the exploitation of vulnerable poor people in Cuba while equally exacerbating rampant sexually-transmitted diseases (STD) here in our country.

If we truly wish to provide relief from poverty to Cuban citizens, simply remove the annual quota on visas. That would bring industrious, creative people who love America to our shores.

What’s Obama’s true motivation for this action? I wrote about that on Christmas Day, 2014.

Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion

I call on my Congressman John Ratcliffe and my two U.S. Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, to assiduously oppose Obama’s actions that will serve only to harm both Cuba and the USA.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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