Why Conservatives Fight for the Institution of Marriage

1 May 2015

Don't believe in God? Perhaps logic works for you.
Don’t believe in God? Perhaps logic works for you.

I received from the ACLU of Texas a blast email this week, subject line asking, “Why are lawmakers afraid of gays?

Our liberal fellow Texans seem to be tuning into the wrong channel. So, I prepare an answer for them.

Dear fellow ACLU Texans,

Our lawmakers have no fear of homosexuals, gays, lesbians LGBT and the like. Neither do I. None whatsoever.

Yet, we do fear someone. We fear God.

I know, I know, I know. You don’t believe in God. There is no argument for now.

Our differences are a matter of worldview, you see. Our general worldview is Biblical and historically correct. We believe the God-ordained institution of marriage of one man with one woman is a model of the Kingdom of God.

Under the New and Old Covenants this God-ordained arrangement the bride represents the Church (the redeemed) and the groom represents Jesus Christ (the redeemer). Despite some arguments, the primary role of a Biblical marriage isn’t procreation, but to establish this model that has been the norm, the standard, for well over 5,000 years. Any other model, to us, is simply idolatry which is prohibited by God.

We understand full well the intolerance of those of your worldview. We learned early on that simply legalizing sodomy would not satisfy your lust for power. I appreciate your clever use of language to paralyze politicians and a lot of citizens into yielding to your demands.

There has been a spiritual awakening that is spreading like wildfire across America. This spiritual movement will bring many to repentance, including practicing homosexuals. In fact, it’s already happening and that, I am most certain, strikes fear into your heart.

I am confident my response answers your question “Why are lawmakers afraid of gays?”. I am equally confident you don’t accept it.

John White

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