Attention High School and College Graduates – Congratulations (maybe)

Are you either a high school or college graduate? I write this for you.

America’s greatest CEO Jack Welch says,

“Congratulations! Or perhaps we should say, “Congratulations*” – with a footnote reading:

“This salutation is reserved for graduates who majored in engineering, computer science, or finance at a top-tier school. All others, enjoy a primal scream.”

“Because, hello, it’s hard to get a good job out there. Make that very hard. With four kids in their 20s, we get that. The facts are: the economy is just not growing fast enough to absorb 1.8 million entry-level employees a year, with the noted brainiac exceptions. As a result, the vast majority of graduates – 73 percent by some estimates – end up in jobs not in their areas of study, too many at minimum wage.

“First, don’t think about finding a job. Think about finding your “Area of Destiny.”

“Have you ever known someone who’s blown up their career at 40 or 50 to do something totally different? Ever notice how much happier they seem?

“Area of Destiny is all about getting to that place long before a midlife crisis sets in. It’s a simple but powerful construct that posits career satisfaction and success are most likely to occur when you work at the intersection of two “super highways,” if you will. One is what you’re uniquely good at, and the other is what you love doing. Thus it was that our daughter, a poetry major who was always preternaturally adept at picking Oscar winners, and who (much to our chagrin) who loved nothing more than watching TV, landed in Hollywood in the casting business, where she is as happy as could be.” Read the full ‘salutation’ from

What say the pollsters? No two agree, that’s for sure. You are somewhat on your own to get reliable statistics, but one place to start is the Bureau of Labor Statistics: THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION — APRIL 2015

Allow this old man to give you a statistic you can rely on. The price of oil. Yes, the price of oil is the best benchmark on the labor market. When oil goes up, layoffs follow. When oil price goes down, people go to work. Cost of fuel directly and indirectly affects the profitability of a business.

In 2008 oil price per barrel shot up to a record $147. Subsequently, we had the most significant economic collapse in history. What can you do?

First of all, have faith in God, pray for wisdom and pray for all people in government from your city to the office of president.

Second, embrace fracking and every means to increase oil and gas production in this country. Lobby for the Keystone Pipeline.

America runs on energy and oil is that and more. Oil is the raw material from which plastics and rubbers are made. We use oil byproducts to build highways. Distillates are components of paints and medicines. Our financial future rests on the price of oil. It’s truly that simple.

I’ll save my rant against leftist environmental freaks for another posting. Just know they are NOT your friends.

John White​

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