CARGO Rockwall Hot Topic: Active Shooter Training – first in a series

What:    CARGO Rockwall Gun Club meeting

When:  Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time:     6:00 to 7:00 PM

Where: Soulman’s BBQ by Lake Pointe Church

Imagine this. You are shopping at Walmart when you hear gunshots. Perhaps you are licensed to carry, a concealed handgun licensee (CHL). When you see the rogue shooter, you pull your handgun to return fire across the store to stop the shooter. You do this with all the best intentions, but something went wrong. Very wrong. Now, this well-meaning citizen lies on the floor watching his/her life’s blood pour out of you as the CHL holder slips into unconsciousness and dies before paramedics arrive.

In the above scenario, a well-meaning citizen, properly licensed to carry a concealed handgun, lies dying on the floor. To be sure, this was unexpected. The citizen’s relatives later are stunned to learn it wasn’t the rogue shooter that killed their loved one.

CARGO Rockwall begins a series on Active Shooter Training that will endure at least through August.

homeland security chief on new isis threat

BEFORE two heavily-armed Muslim terrorists attempted murder and mayhem at the Curtis Culwell center in Garland, ISIS had already threatened the Texas cities of Abilene, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Wyle, Fort Hood, Bedford, and Killeen.

Merely 14.1 driving miles separate the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland from our historic Courthouse on the Rockwall town square.

Was that shooting an “isolated incident”? Read this story on titled ‘Alleged ISIL threat promises more Garland-style attacks.’

Come a little before 6:00 PM this Thursday evening to go through the serving line. This is how the owner pays the bills for our use of the private dining room and our way of acknowledging his generosity.

SHOW AND TELL – Bring the sidearm, the pistol you normally carry concealed. Be prepared to say why you chose that particular weapon, how it performs on the range, ease of cleaning, type of ammo, etc.


  1. All weapons to be shown must be unloaded and encased before bringing them into the meeting area. A designated safety officer will double check all weapons to assure public safety.
  2. If you have on your person a loaded concealed handgun and you are licensed to carry, it must remain concealed.

As always, our meetings are open to the public and provided at no cost. We are citizens serving citizens. CHL instructors, law enforcement officers, elected officials, licensed firearms dealers are usually present for your benefit of information and exchange of ideas after the formal presentation.

See you this Thursday evening.

John White

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