Green Agenda: Good Science or False Religion?

28 May 2015 AD

AlGore_Fraud_01_250pxSelf-styled ‘environmentalists’ have corrupted government, public education and compromised the scientific method. If one’s belief system draws one to worship something false, the Bible calls that religion ‘idolatry’.

Due to #GlobalWarming, we are told, all the sea ice will disappear. When? Oh, it was supposed to happen years ago. Contrary to those false prophets, we now have record ice formation at both poles. Read more here and here

Rise in atmospheric CO2 is destroying the planet, Al Gore’s disciples of doom lament. What are the facts? Fact is, due to increase in atmospheric CO2, rain forests and other great forests like the Taiga in Russia are growing more trees faster than anytime in history. Read more

Then there is the matter of those dastardly “heat islands” of the inner cities. Oh, my! What shall we do? Ah! An environmentalist came up with the idea of brightening buildings to reflect solar heat and thus reduce the so-called “heat island effect”. But, there is a consequence: greater pollution due to reduced convective air currents. Read more

go-greenYes, but what about ‘Peak Oil’? You know, the threat of running out of oil for which we absolutely must move to the use of “sustainable energy” and “sustainable construction”. Facts are funny things. Aren’t they? We are now awash in domestic oil, so much so the price has fallen to the $50 level, leading to massive layoffs in the oil patch. Yes, but will not windmills save the planet? Don’t bet on it. Windmills are the singular most costly form of electrical energy, due to very low energy density and high costs of maintenance. Read more about the peak oil lie and read more about the negative consequences of wind energy

In the beginning God… God created all that we see, touch, feel, hear, smell and even the intangibles for which olfactory senses cannot discern. He gave us natural resources beyond human capacity to imagine. One salt mine to the east of the Dallas metroplex has enough salt to supply the world’s needs for the next 20,000 years. As for coal, we have more coal energy than the sum of all middle east oil and our known reserves in 25 states is enough to supply our needs for the next 200 years. Read more about coal Let’s not fail to mention our oil reserves in 2015: of known reserves, we have enough to last us 100 years! Read more about domestic oil reserves

green agendaThe green agenda is a product of leftist ideology, not good science. When the next war comes, will you rush to the feet of false profits (intentional misspell) like Al Gore or will you call on the Living God, your Jehovah Jireh who sees your need well in advance and makes provision for you? I rely on the latter.

John White​

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