The Left Has Declared ‘Open Season’ on Law Enforcement

30 May 2015

The Left Has Declared Open Season On Local Law Enforcement
The Left Has Declared Open Season On Local Law Enforcement

For over 20 years, overall crime was on the decline, but something changed. Something terrible has come upon us: “diversity”. The diversity movement is a nice sounding term that is actually the undoing of 150 years of societal integration. It’s a subtle, but evident strategy, a sinister strategy, to divide and conquer the American people.

This divide-and-conquer strategy breaks up a patriotic majority into smaller groups, thereby more easily contained and controlled. This is not to say political tension is a bad thing. Traditional political tension has served us well from before the time of our Revolution against a tyrannical British monarchy up until the time Bill Clinton became president. It is in the atmosphere of political tension that our two-party system has tested ideas in plain view of the public.

The Clintons weren’t the first greedy graspers to assume control of the helm of state. Over the years of our Constitutional Republic there was Teapot Dome and Watergate scandals that negatively affected public trust in federal government. Now, there is a nameless scandal, one that affects national security to greater degree than either of our world wars. This present scandal is a leftist movement to fundamentally reform our government. When Barack Obama said this while campaigning in 2008, his fan club assumed he was talking about making government more transparent and accessible to the people. That was not the meaning at all.

As a refresher, let’s remind ourselves of the background of this sitting president and the people who advise him.

Barack Obama was born to communist parents, raised by communist grandparents, mentored by communists and criminal anarchists, his education funded by a Khalid Mansour (learn about Mansour via this link: ) and he’s an “anti-colonialist” who follows the dreams of his father. Immediately upon taking office, he surrounded himself with extreme leftists like Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Elena Kagan, Rahm Emanuel, and other known communists, Muslims and rabid atheists like Mikey Weinstein.

Obama and his un-indicted co-conspirators have worked to discredit local law enforcement while stockpiling billions of rounds of ammo and growing federal government radical law enforcement to hitherto never before imagined dimensions and now there is talk of nationalizing law enforcement.

This morning, an article in the Wall Street Journal title “The New Nationwide Crime Wave” describes how the “Ferguson effect” undermines local law and order. It’s helpful to know practically all the public disorder and mayhem are found in “Red States”. Read the WSJ article:

Here in Texas law enforcement organizations have not served well the cause of good public order by demanding authority to demand an open-carry person show a license. I wrote about this on my blog:

I suggest we Texans, particularly those of us in and around Rockwall County work to continue to cultivate civil, respectful relations between citizens and law enforcement officers.

Let’s not be sucked into the “black hole” of cop hating. It didn’t work for us during Vietnam War protests when the left called policemen “pigs” and it won’t work today. Let’s pledge to be on the SAME side of the law. Time may come when you may be called upon to back up a Rockwall police officer.

John White​

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