Active Shooter Training – What Will You Do?

active shooter LA

What:             CARGO Rockwall Gun Club monthly meeting

Where:          Soulman’s BBQ in Rockwall between Applebee’s and Lake Pointe Church

When:           Thursday, June 11

Time:              Arrive between 5:30 and 6:00 to go through the serving line. Presentation begins promptly     at 6:00 pm in the private dining room.

Topic:             What to do in an Active Shooter situation

Speaker:       Jeoff Williams, DPS Active Shooter instructor

Have we ever had active shooters here in Rockwall? Oh, yes indeed.

  • One incident was a road-rage situation in which an off duty law enforcement officer shot to death the gun wielding driver.
  • Another was the murder of a woman by her former boyfriend, a former Hunt County constable.
  • Still another was a daylight armed robbery of a jewelry store where an armed owner fired on the suspects with customers in the store.
  • Most recently, scarcely 14.1 miles from our meeting place, two heavily armed Muslim terrorists attacked a gathering of conservatives in Garland.
  • Although Rockwall doesn’t compare to Baltimore, MD or Ferguson, MO, we are not immune to public violence and disorder. As testimony to this fact, Rockwall ISD maintains a force of armed Resource Officers to protect our children and grandchildren.

Keep in mind this sobering fact: Most active shooter situations are well over before the time police arrive. You are your own best defense.

According to the Baltimore Sun, there have been 127 homicides in that city since the beginning of this year. This sitting president continues his program of igniting a race war in this country. Will it happen in nearby Dallas? Fort Worth? Houston? San Antonio? No one knows, but we do know we must be prepared to deal with such situations so we can carry on, raise children and grandchildren, and enjoy life.

If you, a CHL holder, become involved in defense of yourself or innocent bystanders, what happens when police arrive and see you with a gun in your hand? What should you do, if a crazed shooter appears in the school where you work? What is the law regarding law enforcement officers recruiting citizens to aid at the scene?

Bring your questions Thursday evening. This meeting will be an unforgettable experience for all of us.

John White

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department hopes their new video on active shooter situations will come in handy when people least suspect it.


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