Headline: Suspect dead after Dallas Police HQ attack, standoff

This is what happened. James Boulware fires on Dallas Police Headquarters while protected by an “armored van”. WFAA described the scene as “a lengthy standoff”.

A Dallas police sniper killed the suspect by shooting him through the windshield. However, due to the suspects claim of explosives in the van, police stood back as the van burned itself out, all the while some unknown number of rounds popped off.

Sure enough, at the end of this drama, pipe bombs were discovered in the vehicle.

Why the angst against law enforcement officers? Why would a Baltimore State’s Attorney automatically assume city policemen criminals? Why would a liberal NY City mayor turn on his own law enforcement officers for enforcing the laws he and his liberal City Council made law? Why would Barack Obama and his radical AG want to nationalize local law enforcement? There are no good answers to these questions. Only very bad ones.

One prime goal of CARGO Rockwall is to foster civil, respectful relations between citizens and local law enforcement departments, including Rockwall PD, Rockwall County SO, Heath PD, Royse City PD, Wylie PD, and Rowlett PD.

On the side of law enforcement, there are the burdens of moral authority and knowledge of current law. On the side of citizens, there are equal burdens to respect and obey moral authorities and to self-educate oneself on current law.

This sitting president unmistakably strives to divide us along lines of ethnicity, geography and political partisanship.

Let’s strive to uphold our motto of E Pluribus Unum as we also choose to intentionally learn our true history.

Knowledge is power. Forgiveness rewards us with freedom. And, love covers a multitude of sins.

John White

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