Trans-Pacific Partnership – What’s in it? Part One


Why should we oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership? There are many reasons. Here is just one of them.

From the federal government website

“Government procurement packages are being negotiated with each country seeking to broaden coverage to ensure the maximum access to each others’ government procurement markets, while recognizing each others’ sensitivities.”

Our federal procurement policy has been to purchase American-made products only, due to obvious logistical problems that arise in time of war and/or international conflict.

By allowing other nations to plunder our high-technology producers, we will be effectively arming our enemies.

Tell Rep. John Ratcliffe​, Senator Ted Cruz​ and Senator John Cornyn​ to vigorously OPPOSE TPP and TPA.

Contact information:

John Ratcliffe

John Cornyn​

Ted Cruz

There is a big TPP “sell job” ongoing in Foggy Bottom. Our elected members of Congress need to hear from you.

John White​

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