Trans-Pacific Partnership: We The People Lost, Big Business Won

24 June 2015 AD
Tammuz 7, 5775

jeff sessions - they won the vote but lost the trust  of the American people

To my dismay, fast track authority goes forward with the approval of first the House and yesterday the Senate. Next will be final touches to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) text and ratification of the treaty by the Senate. I see now ratification is a sure thing.

How will the TPP affect American lives? Let’s delve into a few dry facts.

Playing On A Level Field

In sports, to play on a level field doesn’t refer to the topography of the playing field. It refers to both sides adhering to and following the same set of rules and submitting to the overarching authority of the referees. It can be boiled down to “equal opportunity”.

There are only six constitutional republics in the entire world: USA, Honduras, Iceland, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay. [Ref: CIA World Factbook] The significance of this fact is very simple.

A republic is “a state in which the supreme power rests in the body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them.”

A constitution is document that embodies the fundamental principles according to which a nation is to be governed, the order of authority by which the nation will be governed and limitations placed on government. This document defines the means by which laws are crafted, executed and how they are to be adjudicated when disputes arise.

A constitutional republic is a government of laws and not of men. Regardless whom the citizens elect, all elected office holders, lawmakers, law enforcement and judicial personnel are bound to follow the written law and to not create new law out of thin air or ‘whole cloth’.

Parliamentary governments change with elections. Therefore the very nature of a country ruled by parliaments is a representative democracy. For the record and for your edification, the words democracy, democrat, democratic appear no where in any of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Democracy is essentially “mob rule”.

Participating countries include 12 trans-Pacific partners:  Australia, Brunei, Canada,Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and VietnamComparing this list with the above, one readily discovers only one of our so-called ‘partners’, Peru, is a constitutional republic. At this point, I ask the obvious: Why is South Korea not a “partner”? In April of this year South Korea asked to be included, but the Obama administration, in haste to get the deal signed by all member nations, says it would slow down the process. Isn’t that what should be happening now? Why the haste? What is it about Obama’s negotiations we don’t know?

In my personal business, the longest negotiation of contractual work with the U.S. government took me four and a half years. They and we wanted to get it right and this was for just one Air Force base.

Back to the level field: how do we assure a level field, when only one “partner” at the poker table plays by the same rules as do we? Answer: create a common government. To our east, across the Atlantic Ocean, this was done through the European Union. Economically, the EU is doing splendidly. It is the USA that defends Europe and fights their wars for them. They don’t do any more than token measures to support our nation building in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan. They leave all that heavy lifting to us.

In reality, the EU isn’t doing so well. Greece is even today in last-minute negotiations for a “bail out” of its bankrupt economy. Young Greeks flee to other countries in search of work while the Greek government is being forced to cut pensions to the elderly and retired populations.

Frequent ’emergency summit meetings’ tell a big story about the fragility of the EU.

Some negatives about the EU include “universal healthcare”, enforced commercial standards unfamiliar to some of the member states’ citizenry and open borders. How is this working for them now?

What I see in the TPP is effectively one-world government under which there will be enforceable standards for labor practices, pay scales, intellectual property rights and property rights in general. Expansion of WTO (World Trade Organization) rules is one factor contributing to a new order of one-world government.

Other Consequences

One should ask why Democrat politicians want TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) that would compensate unemployed workers who lose their American jobs as a result of jobs going overseas. Those Democrats and labor union leaders readily understand the ramifications of TPP. As recent as March 2015 45,641,762 Americans depend on SNAP (food stamps) for their ‘daily bread’.

click on image for full report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

click on image for full report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics

As recent as May 2015, labor force participation was 62.9%. This translates to 37.1% unemployment (100%-62.9%=37.1%).


As Senator Jeff Sessions remarked in the Weekly Standard (click on image above for full story), I and like-minded TEA Party Patriots are being “scorned, mocked, and heaped with condescension“. Establishment Republicans won the vote, but lost the trust of the American people.

My memory isn’t so short I forget how this sitting president betrays us daily. He obviously favors Islam over Christianity and Iran over Israel. He disregards the mass murder of Christians in Iraq and Syria while openly lamenting over one US soldier urinating over the corpse of a al-Qaeda fighter in Afghanistan.

Establishment Republicans have surrendered Constitutional authority to this rogue executive branch that consistently disregards the rule of law and our history and traditions. It is this sitting president that reduced our nuclear arsenal for democracy to that of present-day Russia, an avoid enemy.

We TEA Party Patriots knew we could not trust our President. Now we know we cannot trust our elected representatives in Congress to represent our interests. Big businesses that are also the biggest campaign contributors, won. We the People of America lost.

It’s a sad day for America. Very sad.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

2 thoughts on “Trans-Pacific Partnership: We The People Lost, Big Business Won

  1. I called our congressman’s office both in R & DC …& voiced my opposition. no avail!…I wrote that the GOP & our congressman have sold us out!

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