TPA – A Struggle Against Spiritual Forces of Evil

25 June 2015
Tammuz 8, 5775

Back in 2009, when we senior citizens learned Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, was born to communists, raised by communist grandparents and mentored by communists, we expected a radicalized, leftist president to undo America. We were correct. But, the general public and the mainstream media were not the least concerned. Why were the younger generations okay with a communist for president? It was a mystery.

This week we learn that the president’s puppet master, his puppeteer Valerie Jarrett was born to communist parents who also had communist parents. We are greatly troubled. Again, the younger generations and mainstream media have no problem with this fact disclosed from secret FBI files. But, now it’s no longer a mystery.

Read from “FBI Files Show Obama’s Top Advisor Has Communist Kin:

Progressives have long controlled public education in this country. Progressives are inherently anti-God, anti-family, anti-liberty and anti-Rule of Law. The tools of progressive educators are historical revisionism and atheistic Darwinian evolution.

Congress no longer represents the people of this country. Oh, many bills are passed for our benefit, but those bills that affect big business are bought and paid for. Establishment politicians, the people like Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell all work to please corporate lobbyists. These establishment politicians use coercion and threats of redirecting campaign contributions from lobbyists to whip House members and senators into line. One major tool is a type of blackmail where the Senate majority leader or the House Speaker threatens loss of committee assignments.

Even our Texas “Golden Boy” Ted Cruz was initially entrapped in the corruption and voted FOR TPA. I think public outcry is what led him to vote AGAINST it.

What I write is not drawn from conjecture, but from the facts available to all Americans. Consider Sen. Ted Cruz’s statement, as recorded in a article. Read “EXCLUSIVE — TED CRUZ: OBAMATRADE ENMESHED IN CORRUPT, BACKROOM DEALINGS” via this link

UPDATE-1:$200 Million Went to House Members to Pass Fast Track – Here’s Who Took the Cash” – See more at:

UPDATE-2:Boehner warns conservatives: Stray and be punished”

Your two senators and your representative are not the problem. We are under assault by an enemy more dangerous, more powerful than the sum of Chinese, Pakistani and Russian nuclear arsenals. Our real enemy is evil personified. As it is written, “For we are not struggling against human beings, but against the rulers, authorities and cosmic powers governing this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm.” [Ephesians 6:12 CJB]

American life has been turned on its head. What has been considered evil since the founding of this country and for thousands of years beforehand is now accepted and even enforced, things like sexual perversion of all kinds (sodomy, incest, beastiality). Whereas before America was the source of Christian evangelism to the world, we are now the chief producer and supplier of pornography. The First Amendment has been eroded to the point military chaplains can no longer openly preach from the Bible and military personnel are persecuted and prosecuted for praying.

As Bible scholars have pointed out over the years, America is not mentioned in the last day prophecies.

Absent a sweeping, national revival, another “Great Awakening”, America is doomed. Billy Graham rightly said, “If God doesn’t punish America, he’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.”

John White
Rockwall, Texas

One thought on “TPA – A Struggle Against Spiritual Forces of Evil

  1. The administration is the very worse since Woodrow Wilson!….our representives are no better!

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