Ever Evolving Environmental Exactitude – Tyranny In Your Air Conditioner

9 July 2015
22 Tammuz 5775

Just for fun, let’s examine this graphic created by California minds. The technical article from which it comes talks about the importance of ozone (O3) in the stratosphere and how man made fluorocarbons deplete this vital barrier against harmful ultraviolet rays. I quote:

Source: University of California
Source: University of California

The ultimate source of the ozone is the simple reaction O2+ O = O3; the oxygen atom O is formed when the sun’s ultraviolet radiation breaks apart an oxygen molecule O2. The ultimate loss of ozone is through nearly the opposite reaction O3 + O = 2O2 that results in regular oxygen molecules again. The actual processes are considerably more complicated, involving catalysts which help speed production or destruction. Without human intervention, the production and destruction processes result in a relatively fixed amount of ozone, much like a bathtub would remain at a constant level if the amount of water flowing from the tap exactly equaled the amount going down the drain.” – California Agriculture

Conclusion of the above cited scientific article is without human intervention, we are doomed. Well the article goes on with a discussion about “good ozone” and “bad ozone. It goes on to add the newest term of “global warming potential” due to secondary CO2 emissions.

Going back a few years, do you remember all the interest, hysteria, around the deadly ozone hole? Yes? Well, then I ask you, where is the ozone hole? After reading the referenced article, one might conclude the deadly ozone hole rests over California where only human intervention can save  that part of the planet.

Well, the ozone hole isn’t over California. It ‘s also not over our Lone Star State. Let’s look to NASA to discover the location of this dastardly ozone hole that threatens all humanity with all manner of crises from crop failures to “climate change” due to secondary CO2 emissions.

Source: NASA
Source: NASA

Do you recognize the area of the earth over which this menacing ozone hole lies? It’s Antarctica, not California, not Texas, not over any populated areas. If fluorocarbons from your mom’s air conditioner, refrigerator and hair spray cause ozone depletion, why isn’t there an ozone hole over Kansas?

Fluorocarbons do indeed deplete ozone and ozone depletion over Antarctica is indeed the sinister work of rogue fluorocarbons, but they don’t come from any man made system or product. It’s a natural phenomena. I list below reports for your enlightenment.

  1. Volcanic Halocarbons: Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in Volcanic Emissions – The writer of this paper attempts to discredit another scientist who actually studied CFC emissions from volcanoes.
  2. Mt Erebus Volcano Causes O-Hole – “Mount Erebus spews more [man made] ozone-gobbling chlorinated gasses into the atmosphere in one year than all of the CFCs combined.
  3. Halogen and sulfur content of volcanic emissions from Mount Erebus, Ross Island, Antarctica – a scientific study of gaseous emissions from the White Island [New Zealand] and the Mount Erebus [Antarctica] volcanoes.

Anti-human environmentalism is not science. It’s a religion whose belief system ever evolves. The core belief of the environmentalists is they must protect their Mother Earth at all costs, even to the point of de-populating the world. Out of this pagan belief system proceed the abortion movement, campaigns against vaccinations, eugenics and radical assaults on energy production and consumption. Global warming has undergone a metamorphosis to now be known as “climate change” with the newer caveat of “global warming potential”, despite the scientific  facts that tell us a new ice age comes upon us, as discussed in a Daily Caller article titled Scientists Fear Another ‘Little Ice Age’ Is On The Way.

In order to understand truth, one has to be willing to not be misled by unqualified sound bites and atheistic-environmentalist pretensions. Your Google works as well as mine. As it is written, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.” — Thomas Jefferson

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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