A Little Bit of Texas History – Ferguson-Baltimore Race Riots: East Texas Déjà Vu

12 July 2015
25 Tammuz 5775

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, July 14, 1919
SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, July 14, 1919

On [July 11,] 1919, the Longview Race Riot broke out. It was the second of twenty-five racial disturbances across America during what came to be known as the Red Summer. Riots occurred in Chicago, Houston, Little Rock, Washington, New York, Baltimore, New Orleans, and other cities. The Longview riot began with a July 10, 1919, article in the Chicago Defender, a sensationalism nationwide black newspaper, that described the murder of a black resident of Longview. A series of incidents that began the following day led to injuries among both whites and blacks and the destruction of a number of blacks’ homes. Governor William Hobby ordered Texas Rangers and National Guard troops to the scene and declared martial law. Twenty-one black men and nine white men were arrested. Nobody was ever tried. Tension subsided by the following week, and the governor lifted martial law at noon on July 18.” – TSHA online

1-Ferguson Race Riot 2014

Media would have you believe race riots we have seen in Ferguson, MO in 2014 and in Baltimore, MD in 2015 were becoming commonplace, something that never before happened, a new phenomena, as it were.

2-Baltimore Race Riot 2015

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The year 1919 holds title to “nationwide race riots”. 25 separate race riots took place over summer and and early fall of that year. Collectively, those riots are known as “Red Summer 1919”. How were they different from the two recent events?

First of all, during Red Summer 1919, those 25 riots occurred across the USA, not in small isolated situations.

Second, as reported by the Chicago Tribune, “In most instances, whites attacked African Americans. In some cases many blacks fought back, notably in Chicago, where, along with Washington, D.C. & Elaine, AK, the greatest number of fatalities occurred. The riots followed postwar social tensions related to the demobilization of veterans of WWI, both black & white, and competition for jobs among ethnic whites & blacks.”

In the Ferguson and Baltimore (2014/2015) riots, blacks attacked whites. Back in 1919, chiefly whites attacked blacks.

An article in the SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, July 14, 1919 described the Red Summer riot in Longview, Texas:

Longview was the site of the second of 25 racial conflicts race riot that erupted across the United States during the summer of 1919. Like many other conflicts, it was fueled by postwar economic tensions and conflict between European Americans and African Americans. Sensational press about an alleged lynching over an interracial romance fed rumors in the community. Troops were needed to quell the riot.

Contrary to liberal media spin, societal integration in America has come a long way toward true unity. Education has played an important part. But, personal experiences of American youth and integration of Christian congregations have contributed most to our present condition. Today, one is as likely to see a successful black entrepreneur in a new luxury car as one is to see a white or Hispanic entrepreneur in a like car. This is good. This is evidence of the positive results of societal integration. However, there is something evil afoot that warrants our attention and our action.

Democrats have long ago departed from the Harry Truman/John Kennedy Democrat party to become the party that opposes essentially all Christian principles upon which this great country was founded. Democrats have become the party of atheism, abortion, licentiousness, anything-goes-sexuality that recently culminated in a SCOTUS unconstitutional opinion that says homosexuals, and by extension all sexual perverts, have this newly discovered “constitutional right to marriage”.

Barack Hussein Obama promised to fundamentally transform America and he is well on his way toward fulfilling that goal. Astonishingly, he is doing it with the assistance of establishment Republican lawmakers who use their considerable financial influence to garner support from junior lawmakers, all contrary to the GOP platform supported by some 95% of voting Republicans.

Ever so swiftly, we are being transformed from a government of, by and for the people to a tyrannical central government that now threatens every aspect of our lives from the water we drink, to lunch menus and and curricula in public schools and to redefinition of God-ordained family structure. Now, federal government is led by a radical Democrat administration obviously striving to foment race riots to divide us, a ploy right out of the Communist Manifesto. Our bloated welfare system is actually creating what Marx and Engels called “the dangerous class” [lumpenproletariat].

I believe our crushing impossible-to-repay national debt, all out assault on Christianity and the institution of the family are irreversible through political channels. Our only hope is divine intervention. I no longer have faith our political systems can be reformed, but I am more confident than ever before God rules in the affairs of men. National repentance from sin and national outcry to God are the only means by which this country shall have a future.

John White​

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