Pope Francis confuses capitalism with greed

12 July 2015
25 Tammuz 5775

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click on image above for link to story

I fear Pope Francis confuses capitalism with greed. Indeed, there are greedy folks in capitalist societies and in socialist/communist societies. How do the two meanings differ?

Capitalism is simply the natural exchange of goods and services among a free people. Supply and demand of any given commodity or service sets the price.

Greed inevitably entails dishonesty and corruption of markets. Bernie Madoff, for example.

The pope advocates spending more on the poor, instead of individuals gaining wealth. Well, you see, he creates a paradox whereby what he says he opposes in free markets and what he wants for he poor of the world would actually prevent caring for the poor. It’s truly not rocket science. You can’t give money you don’t have. Period.

Capitalism makes possible family prosperity whereby there is enough to care for the family’s needs in housing, food, clothing, transportation and the like, with enough left over to contribute to various ministries and secular charities serving the poor around the globe.

I think I understand his thinking, because I think I understand his background. Pope Francis comes from Argentina, a once great nation that exported food to the world from its vast farms and ranches, but today is a cesspool of poverty. How so?

Argentina didn’t fall into poverty due to free market forces, but due to a central government that created a huge nanny state. Why should a vaquero (cowboy) labor on the ranch, when he could more easily move into Buenos Aires to take advantage of all the many wonderful benefits of a socialist society? And, so they did.

Europeans also rail against us, saying we are “stingy”. Really? Understand that Europeans are all socialist countries now. They look to the state to care for all the needy and therefore only see what their respective governments shell out.

click on image above for link to story
click on image above for link to story

Here in America, it is the churches and wealthy individuals that relieve suffering throughout the world. Those TV evangelists some love to loathe are also some of the biggest philanthropic people in history.

Personal to Pope Francis: Greed isn’t unique to capitalist society. I’ve seen it firsthand in Cuba and I know how greed and corruption rule your own home country. I invite you to come spend some time with your American Catholic brethren and get to know some non-Catholics, as well. You will be truly enlightened to truth. As you know, Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Additional reading for your personal edification: “Production – The Only Source of Wealthhttps://rockwallconservative.me/2013/01/30/production-the-only-source-of-wealth/

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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