A Little Bit of American History – How We Won the Vietnam War Before We Surrendered

12 August 2015 AD/27 Av 5775

Those of you of a certain age who lived through the Vietnam War era, particularly those of you in uniform those years, will appreciate knowing this important fact of history: We Won; They Lost.

Welcome Home My Fellow Veterans, Military and Civilian
Welcome Home My Fellow Veterans, Military and Civilian

But, didn’t we actually lose the war in the end? Yes and no. Yes, while President Richard Nixon was still in office, it was a slam dunk win. We won the war.

How did it ultimately turn out the North Vietnamese won? Democrats regained control of federal government when Nixon resigned in disgrace over the Watergate scandal and the people elected Democrats to Congress.

Our fighting men and women did not return as losers. They and our South Vietnam allies were betrayed by a Democrat-led Congress. A Democrat-led Congress fed our hard-won victory to the hungry jaws of defeat.

Ironically, it was under the leadership of a great Democrat president the Vietnam war started – JFK. It was also under a second Democrat president the Vietnam War was greatly expanded and became a political plaything of the presidency. It was under a Republican president the war was won, then lost by the failure of a Democrat Congress to fulfill our promise to the South Vietnamese.

Richard Nixon famously quoted Gen. Douglas MacArthur who said, “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

In an earlier time, Congressman Richard Nixon remarked on Harry Truman’s removal of Gen. MacArthur from the Korean War theater, “The happiest group in the country over General MacArthur’s removal will be the Communists and their stooges. They have been doing a hatchet job on him the past ten years and now the President has given them what they have always wanted – MacArthur’s scalp.”

Unfortunately, we see Democrats replaying the same cut-and-run strategy that failed us in Korea, then again in Vietnam and recently in Iraq.

Learn the details from this concise history lesson from Prager University.

For my fellow veterans, military and civilian, I say, “Welcome home.”

John White​
Rockwall, Texas

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