Green is the Color of Political Energy, not Practical Energy

18 August 2015 AD/3 Elul 5775

Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof
Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

Point number one

A free market makes better choices than politically-motivated lawmakers.

In every case, solar energy systems and wind energy owe their existence to government mandates and subsidies. Government funding of these so-called ‘green’ initiatives actually causes them to be uneconomical, because government actions remove the element of competition essential to innovation and competitive pricing.

California lawmakers provide classic evidence of the fallacy of ‘green’ mandates and subsidies. That left-coast legislature failed and now it calls for another committee to learn why their failure came to pass. Read “Lawmakers call for oversight hearings on green jobs measure” from the Associated Press

Point number two

Carbon fuels are natural and use of them is absolutely vital to human life. Science calls it the Carbon Cycle.

As human population grows, demand for life-sustaining oxygen also grows. 70% of our atmospheric oxygen comes from photosynthesis in surface waters. The Siberian Taiga produces approximately 25%. That leaves a mere 5% dependency on over valued rain forests and the rest of global plant life. Environmentalists overstate rain forest contribution threefold or more. Facts are stubborn things.

Point number three

Worldview matters in the affairs of government, economics and genuine science. For example, humanists (a polite term for atheists and agnostics) believe their mother earth must be protected from evil mankind, excluding themselves. From this worldview arise radical environmentalism, vegetarianism, eugenics (including government-funded abortions).

A Biblical worldview acknowledges a creationist point of view, confirmed by NASA’s theory of the ‘big bang’.

Is the world overpopulated? One state in our union has the population density of India and this state is known as “The Garden State”. No, New Jersey isn’t overpopulated.

Coal, natural gas and petroleum are NATURAL in the same way oxygen, nitrogen, argon, water, carbon-dioxide and ozone are also natural, meaning God created these elements and compounds to sustain human life. As our global population grows, so must our supplies of vital oxygen and energy-liberating natural resources.

What are you doing to protect free markets capable of delivering cost-effective, highly-beneficial and vital NATURAL resources? One no-cost thing you can do is communicate with your lawmakers, federal and state.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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