Pope Pontificates on Immigration – Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander

25 September 2015 AD/12 Tishrei 5776

Pope Francis Says USA Must Be "Compassionate" Toward Immigrants
Pope Francis Says USA Must Be “Compassionate” Toward Immigrants

To listen to Pope Francis and third-world leaders, one gets the impression our country is the least tolerant, most restrictive, least welcoming, harshest host country on the face of the earth.

How does immigration work for the Vatican?

Vatican City Immigration Wall Keeps Out Illegal Aliens
Vatican City Immigration Wall Keeps Out Illegal Aliens

Pope Francis attacks capitalism, promotes global warming-cum-climate change, berates us for our allegedly harsh immigration policies. Listening to his complaints against immigration to our shores, one can assume he opposes fences or walls on our southern border. Meanwhile, the most restrictive immigration policies are where? Yes, Vatican City.

Few women hold citizenship in Vatican City. Very few. Only a little over half of Vatican City’s population hold citizenship. Oh, Pope Francis has his token religious refugee: a mother, father and two children who are Melkite Greek Catholics who requested asylum in Italy.

As you can see in the above photo, an anti-immigrant wall around Vatican City has been standing immigration policy of that sovereign state.

Mexican President Nieto Calls for US Changes in Immigration Policies While Mexican Immigration Policies Remain Highly Restrictive
Mexican President Nieto Calls for US Changes in Immigration Policies While Mexican Immigration Policies Remain Highly Restrictive

First of all, let’s clear the air around illegal immigration over our southern border. Over half of all illegal aliens coming from that direction are OTM’s – Other Than Mexicans, as DHS refers to them. The majority of present-day illegals coming toward us from the south are from Asia, including Chinese.

President Nieto actually DEPORTS more Central Americans than does President Obama.

Mexico’s policies toward U.S. citizens who wish permanent residency in Mexico.

“Foreign citizens cannot own land within 100 km of the borders or 50 km of the sea; however, foreigners can have a beneficial interest in such land through a trust (fideicomiso), where the legal ownership of the land is held by a Mexican financial institution.” Of course Mexican immigrants to the United States can own land outright.”

Curiously, I find the desire of Americans  to live in Mexico puzzling. Why?

Mexico ‘welcomes’ new U.S. immigration reform push, but continues to enforce some of the most restrictive policies in the Western Hemisphere. Today, a large sector of Mexican citizens wish to leave, but due to an improving Mexican economy, fewer trek northward.

What’s the truth about treatment of illegal aliens now residing in this country? Most now live in air-conditioned homes, some privately owned, most rentals, still others in public housing. They typically all have cell phones, jobs, and they eat well. Our country is peppered with community clinics where illegal aliens can receive top-notch medical care. This last fax I know first hand. My wife and I have volunteered over the years in such clinics, specifically here in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex at Mission East Dallas and Hope Clinic where our clients are treated with respect and high-quality medical services at very little cost to the clients. I’ve been medically treated in a Cuban government-owned free clinic. I can authoritatively say our north Texas clinics are immeasurably superior to socialistic clinics.

The so-called ‘friends’ of Job had all the answers to Job’s problems. Or, so they thought. At the end of the book, God declares them all out of order and proves the point by restoring to Job all he lost and doing it in spades.

A Biblical principle you find in Galatians 6:10 applies to our immigration and social service policies: Do good to all, but first to Americans. A nation that does not put its citizens in first place is a nation soon to go under.

Mexico is for Mexicans, first. Vatican City is for Vatican citizens, first. The United States of American must be for Americans, first.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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