Adding debt is good for Rockwall ISD property owners and students?

29 October 2015

Debt Burden Will Be Borne By Our Grandchildren
Debt Burden Will Be Borne By Our Grandchildren

Adding debt is good for Rockwall ISD property owners? If true, Obama is the greatest president in history.

As of 4:00 AM this Thursday morning, according to the National Debt Clock, the debt burden per citizen is over $57,000 and the debt burden per taxpayer is greater than $154,000. Our national FUNDED debt exceeds $18 trillion.

National debt compares to Rockwall ISD in its growth since Obama took office in 2008 in that the two debt burdens are astronomical and growing.

District debt BEFORE adding the 2015 proposition: $337,278,257.00
Debt per student BEFORE adding the 2015 proposition: $23,224.00

District debt AFTER adding the 2015 proposition: $594,098,257.00
Debt per student AFTER adding the 2015 proposition: $40,907.41


A little more, just a little bit more, and our local school debt burden per student will rival national debt per citizen.

I urge you to vote Against (En Contra) the Rockwall ISD bond proposition.

Vote Against (En Contra) RISD Bond Proposition
Vote Against (En Contra) RISD Bond Proposition

John White​
29-year resident of Rockwall
Local business owner
Father of four RHS alumni
Senior citizen whose taxes are frozen

Can America Survive a Third Obama Term – A Call to Patriots

28 October 2015 AD

This graphic says it all.

Link to story from NBC News:
Link to story from NBC News:

Pertinent law is the 22nd Amendment.


Passed by Congress March 21, 1947. Ratified February 27, 1951.

Section 1.
No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

Link to full text of Amendment 22:

Key phrase: No person.

This rogue president’s outlaw ways undermine republican government which is based on the rule of law. Barack Obama isn’t the first American head of government to trample the rule of law. King George III holds that distinction.

There is a general belief that the chief reason behind our American Revolution was taxation without representation. This is untrue. Looking down the list of grievances compiled in order of import, you find the complaint “For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent” about 2/3 the way down the list.

The chief reason behind our American Revolution was refusal of King George III to follow the rule of law. This grievance occupies slot number one. “He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

Barack Hussein Obama has behaved throughout his two-term presidency as Outlaw-in-Chief. He has refused his assent to laws crafted by the Congress and signed into law. Obama says all he needs is his  pen and his telephone to do as he wishes. Now, he wishes to violate the 22nd Amendment to become his party’s candidate for the office a third time.

Our people slowly awaken. A Rasmussen poll of July 2015 indicates growing discontent among voters over unconstitutional rulings  and unconstitutional lawmaking by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Consider this story in the Wisconsin Christian News – Rasmussen Poll: 33% of Americans Believe It Is Time for the States to Openly Defy the Federal JudiciaryBy Pastor Matthew Trewhella
From this WCN story, this excerpt:

Judicial Supremacy v. Constitutional Supremacy

The federal judiciary has long built this fiction that they are the sole and final arbiter of what is constitutional or unconstitutional. They base this upon the Supremacy Clause which is Article 6, paragraph 2 of the U. S. Constitution. They claim that Article 6, paragraph 2 grants the Supreme Court supremacy to determine whether laws are constitutional or unconstitutional.

Funny thing is, when one actually takes time to read Article 6, paragraph 2, they realize that the Supreme Court isn’t even mentioned. In fact, federal courts aren’t even mentioned. What is mentioned — and is declared to have supremacy — is the U. S. Constitution itself and all laws made in accordance therewith.

In other words, America’s founders did not establish judicial supremacy as the Supreme Court is wont to assert (and thereby usurp all other branches of government), rather they established constitutional supremacy.

All magistrates in America — whether federal, state, county, or local — did not take an oath of subservience to the federal government nor the federal judiciary. Rather, they took an oath to uphold the U. S. Constitution.

Obama’s lawlessness has unleashed a wave of ambushes and direct assaults directed to law enforcement officers. I think it very important for you to know, policemen and policewomen are no more special than any other law-abiding citizen. It is not the assault on their persons that threatens our nation, but an assault on legitimate governmental authority. These assaults on law enforcement officers is an assault on all local, state and federal governmental authorities.

Communists have used this tactic from day one to overthrow legitimate governments around the world, including Cuba 90 miles away from our shores.

What can we do?

Let’s cultivate civil mutually respectful relations between local law enforcement and our fellow citizens. As we go about this, talk with your chief of police, your sheriff, and other law enforcement officers. Ask them what they will do to defend you from unconstitutional actions by this sitting president?

John White
Rockwall, Texas


Rockwall ISD Quarter-Billion-Dollar Bond Drama – Fear Mongering?

26 October 2015 AD

Yes, the city councilman who titled me “Master Distractor” tells me today I am “fear mongering”. Let’s break it down.

A person who is a “monger” is “a person who is involved with something in a petty or contemptible way”, “a promoter of something unpleasant”, according to my on-line dictionary. Therefore, a “fear monger” is someone who promotes fear in a petty or contemptible way.

He and I have these fruitless back-and-forth email discussions. I say fruitless, because after I give him facts, he turns to name-calling, unable or unwilling to intelligently digest simple truths.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district continues to grow. Interesting facts include home values about half those in the western half of Rockwall County. Somehow. Someway. HEB ISD manages growth while also limiting spending.

Back two legislative sessions ago, state funding to public schools was dramatically cut. School districts that mortgaged their futures were suddenly in a bind. School funding to the HEB ISD was cut $25,000,000.

A news reporter interviewed the HEB ISD superintendent, asking how badly his district was affected by the loss of 25 million dollars. His response: not at all. He said, “We believe we are to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.” Under his leadership, HEB ISD had amassed a $75,000,000 savings account. Isn’t good stewardship amazing?

Our Rockwall ISD sees things a little differently, so it seems. In a way, the district mirrors a lot of our up-and-coming families who mortgage their respective futures by purchasing the most house, the most automobile, the most of everything up to the point of credit limits. This works, if one’s income is not at risk. But, I remind the reader what happened in the last housing crisis, the last recession. A lot of houses in Buffalo Creek became vacant as a constable had the sad duty of delivering bad news to those suddenly unemployed home buyers.

Examine the two graphics, one of HEB ISD, the other of Rockwall ISD. Take note of enrollment and debt-to-student figures.

Rockwall ISD voters deserve better. We deserve accountability. We deserve choices. We have neither. Take-it-or-leave-it is not a choice. Choice implies two or more things from which to choose.

 Most members of the bond committee, like the name-calling city councilman, think it their duty to be a cheerleader for school administration and the same can be said of our school trustees.

It’s time for accountable representation, my friends. School trustees are given the duty of “overseer”, as per the state constitution. They are not supposed to represent school administration; they are supposed to represent us, the taxpayers, as in “we the people”.

I voted Against (En Contra) the school bond proposition because I want the district to come back next year with a breakdown of items (choices), transparency, accountability, and no “rolling polling” to target voters.

If advocating for transparency, accountability, and no “rolling polling” to target voters is “fear mongering”, then I plead guilty as charged.
John White
Local Homeowner of 29 years
Local business owner
Father & Grandfather

Rockwall ISD Bond Election – Tyranny of the Oligarchy

25 October 2015 AD

A committee of 60 persons deemed all items wanted by Rockwall ISD administration “essential”. Subsequently, Thomas Jefferson - public debt is the greatest of the dangersthe Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously, only Jon Bailey absent, to go forward with a solitary $257 million take-it-or-leave-it bond proposition.

If choices be removed from taxpayers, why have an election? Why not disregard the principle of republican government altogether?

What is an oligarchy? Merriam-Webster defines oligarchy as, (1) government by the few; (2) a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control.

Imagine your children “deeming” whatever they want “essential”. Imagine the economic havoc on your bank account if those children spend as they will.

In my home we followed the Golden Rule: He who has the gold rules.

Here in the district, taxpayers have the “gold” and bond elections are our means to prevent chaos in our local government finances. Well, the Golden Rule was in force throughout our school district’s history up until 2006. Beginning in 2007, Rockwall ISD trustees completed a metamorphosis from elected representatives of the people to oligarchy. This describes the chief characteristic of socialism whereby, yes, you retain ownership of your property, in this case the “gold”, but government decides how you will spend it. This is tyranny of the oligarchy.

As a former corporate account executive I can attest to the fact Jeff Bailey’s people have done an excellent job of marketing this bond election. Getting the bond committee to buy in to district-wanted items is a tried and proven technique for selling to local governments. Those costly mailers are outstanding. He prepared very well his sales pitches to various groups. A strategy to hand out “I Love Rockwall Schools” signs at the homecoming rally was effective as a “blame game” operation to get more signs in yards ahead of the bond election. Bailey’s strategy to pay extra for “rolling polling” that targets sympathetic moms and dads who just happen to be at planned school events is a stroke of genius, and I praise the administration’s tactics with all sincerity, in the sense of successful selling.

The bond issue will pass for one simple reason: very low turnout by tax-paying voters; high voter turnout by sympathetic mommies and daddies. Yes, this bond will pass, due to voter apathy.

We haven’t quite caught up with Frisco ISD’s indebtedness, but, left unchecked, by golly our oligarchy can soon put us ahead of Frisco’s per student indebtedness at $33,224/student. Before passage of this 2015 bond, Rockwall ISD indebtedness stands at $23,224/student.

It's what we don't know that hurts us - Rockwall ISD Debt and the Tipping Point
It’s what we don’t know that hurts us – Rockwall ISD Debt and the Tipping Point

I voted Against (En Contra) the school bond proposition, because I believe we taxpayers are owed choices. One is not a choice. This bond election should have been structured with accountability as are all City of Rockwall bond elections.

John White
Homeowner, 29-year resident, and local business owner

Rockwall ISD 2015 Bond Election – Tipping Point

23 October 2015 AD

Tipping Point: “the critical point in a situation, process, or system beyond which a significant and often unstoppable effect or change takes placeMerriam-Webster

Texas Transparency - A comparison of similar school districts
Click here for more information: Texas Transparency – A comparison of similar school districts

What do you think, fellow Rockwall ISD property taxpayers? The State of Texas compares Rockwall ISD to nine similar size school districts. Outstanding debt per student in our district is $23,224. The average of the above ten school districts is $12,443/debt per student. Rockwall tax-supported debt is nearly twice the average (1.9 times average).

The above is from the closeout of 2014. If this 2015 bond election passes, Rockwall ISD tax-supported debt will skyrocket to $594 million [$337 million + 257 million = $594 million].

With respect to STAARS testing, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) ranks Rockwall ISD number 147 for 2015.

Public debt is unsustainable. One blip in the economy and a wave of teacher layoffs follows.

Read from a 2014 Breitbart article “TEXAS DROWNING IN SCHOOL BOND DEBT, $75B BEFORE INTEREST

A trend I see in school public debt is this: the bigger the district, the  greater the tax burden per pupil. Rockwall ISD administration boasts this 2015 bond election is the largest in all our history. Personally, debt is not something about which I boast.

We may already be at a tipping point.

Polls are open now for early voting through next week and then election day is November 3. I urge voters to vote Against (En Contra) the Rockwall ISD bond proposition. If using paper ballots as I do, this proposition is on the back side.

John White
29-Year Resident of Rockwall

In Search of Presidential Leadership – The Faith and Courage of Ronald Reagan

22 October 2015 AD

“Getting shot hurts. Still my fear was growing because no matter how hard I tried to breathe it seemed I was getting less & less air. I focused on that

Ronald Reagan in recovery from gunshot
Ronald Reagan in recovery from gunshot

tiled ceiling and prayed. But I realized I couldn’t ask for Gods help while at the same time I felt hatred for the mixed up young man who had shot me. Isn’t that the meaning of the lost sheep? We are all God’s children & therefore equally beloved by him. I began to pray for his soul and that he would find his way back to the fold.” – President Ronald Reagan, The Reagan Diaries, Monday, March 30, 1981, Page 12

Only 69 days into his presidency, John Hinckley shot our president and several others. Hinckley wanted to impress actress Jodie Foster. For the record, Jodie wasn’t the least impressed. However, God was impressed with Reagan’s choice to forgive Hinckley.

In that 1979 election God gave us what we wanted: wise and courageous leadership. Later in 2007, God again gave us what we wanted. We got what we wanted, then didn’t want what we got. By ‘we’, I mean the whole of American voters.

What is it we want this time around? I suggest you follow Ronald Reagan’s example by praying before voting. Your ears hear what the candidates say; what matters is what the Holy Spirit speaks quietly into your heart.

Choose wisely, my friends.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Meet Nikita Khrushchev – STEM Graduate | Education Model for Rockwall ISD?

22 October 2015 AD

Nikita Khrushchev - STEM Graduate, Class of 1925
Nikita Khrushchev – STEM Graduate, Class of 1925

According to his son Sergei N. Khrushchev, “In his youth Father had dreamed of a career as an engineer. At the end of the 1920’s he managed to persuade the Kiev leadership to let him go to Moscow to study at the Industrial Academy. But fate had something else in store for him. He had not completed the course when Stalin remembered him and made him first secretary of the Bauman District Party Committee in Moscow. so Father never worked with technology, be he never lost his attraction to engineering. He loved to be with engineers, and their ideas aroused his enthusiasm. He sometimes offered advice and made suggestions.” Source: Google Books, Nikita Khrushchev and the Creation of a Superpower by Sergei N. Khrushchev

It was a practice of communist USSR to determine a career path for each student early in life. I learned this morning how Rockwall ISD also coerces children into unnatural career paths.

RHS Junior Responds to PTA Reflections Contest, October 21, 2015
RHS Junior Responds to PTA Reflections Contest, October 21, 2015

RHS Junior Maddy Hostetler writes, “In the middle schools, starting with seventh grade, the new curriculum plan is to look at the students’ academic performance in their core classes and put them on an occupation guidance plan according to their academic ability.

“In other words, if a student excels in math and science, their counselors will put that student into the occupation category of engineer, scientist, and other math and science heavy jobs.

At the ages of 12 and 13, students are being forced to choose an occupation guidance plan without being able to experiment with different subjects. This system is also supposed to weed out the students that are less likely to finish high school or go to college.” Source: The Stinger, Do schools allow students to “let their imaginations fly?”, by RHS Junior Maddy Hostetler, October 21, 2015

All you folks who eagerly vote for this quarter-billion-dollar school bond want this for your children? The above cited essay by an actual student of Rockwall High School should alarm everyone. If the new STEM academy (call it what you will) goes into operation, RISD will turn out students whose career paths are forced upon them as children, just as it was for young children in the USSR in the 1920’s.

Take note the single largest cost in this 2015 Rockwall ISD bond proposition is the “Career Academy“.

Yesterday, I voted Against (En Contra) the Rockwall ISD bond proposition. I encourage all voters to do likewise. Say Нет! to coercion of children.

This bond proposition is on the back side of your ballot, if using paper, as I do.
This bond proposition is on the back side of your ballot, if using paper, as I do.

John White
29-year resident of the City of Rockwall