Was Fidel a Prophet? I Write – You Decide

5 October 2015 AD
Castro quote - the US will dialog with us when it has a black president and a Latinamerican Pope dated 1973
Is Fidel Castro a prophet? Consider this Spanish-language news report from Televisa Noticeros a Mexican news service titled “La profecía de Fidel Castro” (Fidel Castro’s Prophecy) and published July 24, 2015.
The phrase in the photo translates to English:
Instead of commenting on the story, I translate the article for your own consideration.
Begin translation
“The phrase was published by the Argentine writer Pedro Jorge Solans in the Argentine portal “Journal of Carlos Paz”.
“Through the report entitled “Cuba through changing times: The end of the blockade?” The journalist also picked up the story from the mouth of Eduardo de la Torre, a taxi driver in Havana, who was a university student in 1973.
“According to the report, back in 1973, the Cold War, Fidel Castro had just returned from a visit to Vietnam and was in an international press conference, when a reporter named Bryan Davis, a British newsman, asked: “When do you think it will be possible to restore relations between Cuba and the United States, two countries as far away from one another [idiologically] despite their geographical proximity?”
The journalist said that Fidel Castro stared at him and then said to him and the other journalists present in the room: “The United States will come to talk to us when they have a black president and the world has a Latin American Pope.”
“Solans said some journalists hid behind wry grins and others, among whom was Davis, made gestures signifying they believed somewhat moderately unbelievers.”
“Sloans noted that some reporters grimaced, hiding behind wry grins; others, among whom was Davis, made gestures of unbelief.”
“The conference continued as if Davis’ question had been misplaced. At that time, they were only interested in Vietnam.
“In this year of 2015, facing the restoration of diplomatic relations, breaking down the last wall of the Cold War, over 40 years later, the words of Fidel Castro at that 1973 have been classified as a forewarning.”
End translation
If a true prophecy, two elements are now in place to confirm its veracity.
If a true prophecy, two elements are now in place to confirm its veracity.
Is the above prophecy by Fidel Castro a true statement? I have no resources dating back to 1973 to confirm its veracity. But, from what I know about the history of Cuba and the structure of state communism on that island prison, this story is totally credible to me.
So much that happens in Latin America never sees the light of day in American news stories, simply because so much of what happens south of us is wholly inconsistent with the life we Americans enjoy within our own borders.
I published my opinion of the Obama-Castro detente and why it happens now one year ago in a blog titled Obama’s Cuban-Venezuelan Connection – Why He Ends the Cuban Embargo: my opinion
Castro reading Obama's book "Dreams of My Father" in Spanish
Castro reading Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father” in Spanish
Unmistakeably, the Castro brothers and Barack Obama mutually admire one another. Fidel’s nickname? “The Crazy One” His life goal? “Glory and fame”
This video provides an excellent introduction to the person, the character of Fidel Castro.
As Fox News says, I report. You decide.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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