2015 RISD Bond Election Development Data

These documents serve to inform Rockwall ISD voters on the 2015 school Thomas Jefferson - public debt is the greatest of the dangersbond election.

Rockwall ISD Third-Quarterly Report

3Q14 Rockwall ISD PPT Growth committee PDF

Rockwall ISD Bond Planning Committee – Executive Summary

Bond Committee Worksheet Master PDF

Brochure Front Side

2015 Bond Brochure front PDF

Brochure Back Side

2015 Bond Brochure rear PDF

Recent History of Rockwall ISD Bond Elections

The last two bond elections for Rockwall ISD were in 2006 and 2007.

  • The 2006 bond was split into three propositions:
    • Proposition 1 (passed) $62,550,000
    • Proposition 2 (failed) $10,851,000
    • Proposition 3 (failed) $6,825,000
  • 2007 bond (passed) $198,150,000
  • 2015 bond under consideration $256,816,107

The 2015 bond election is 1-1/3 times greater than the 2007 bond election.

Geography Presently In Service for High Schools

Rockwall High School (top is west direction)
Rockwall High School (top is west direction)

Rockwall-Heath High School

Rockwall-Heath High School (north up)
Rockwall-Heath High School (north up)

Rockwall ISD Budgets – 2012 and 2013


Proposed STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) High School

The district uses a name for this program that sounds a lot like an educational ideology most of us mistrust – COMMON CORE.

As more information becomes available, I’ll be adding resources.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

4 thoughts on “2015 RISD Bond Election Development Data


    Just so you know, and you obviously didn’t bother to go to the website to learn about the CORE Rockwall, the CORE Rockwall is not related to RISD. Nor are we related in any way to Common Core. We are a start up, a for profit technasium, owned by primarily conservative Rockwall/Rowlett residents concerned about the state of education in the US, desiring to provide 21st skills for 21st century students. Our technasium provides hands-on, student driven project learning in what we believe are the “core” disciplines for the future development of our kids, science, technology, engineering, and math. We are open at 8 am Monday to Friday specifically offering a technology based project learning environment (with a major investment in equipment and manipulatives) as a home school resource laboratory, as well as offering enrichment and competition support for traditional students.

    Come and see us, I will be happy to show you around and discuss the value of project based, STEM learning.


    Donald Lemon
    Managing Member
    the CORE Rockwall
    5133 S. FM 549 Rockwall, TX 75032


    1. I have removed your logo. Please accept my apology. As a proud grandfather of several homeschooled grandchildren, as well as father of four RHS graduates, I would like very much to know about your organization.

      1. John:

        Thanks for your apology. I would very much like to get together with you, show you the lab if you have time, talk about our venture and how we started. We are pleased that the home school community is responding positively to the CORE (one of our primary “facilitators”, Dawn Ross, has more than 16 years of home schooling experience and participation in the local co-ops). Our first school field trip to the CORE in November is actually coming from one of the home school co-ops.

        Please feel free to call me or email me so we can get together.


        Donald Lemon

        (903) 806-1810

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