The Castro-Obama Nexus: America on a Collision Course Toward an Undesireable Ending

Univision personality Jorge Ramos interviewed Fidel Castro in 1991 in the city of Guadalajara, MX at the first Latin-American Summit. In the video linked here [] Jorge interviews Juan Reinaldo Sánchez, one of Fidel Castro’s former bodyguards, who describes a life of luxury on two ‘keys’ the south side of Cuba opposite Havana. In the photo of Castro, the newsman with a microphone on the right is (young) Jorge Ramos.
Fidel Castro (left) Jorge Ramos (right) 1991 Summit
Fidel Castro (left) Jorge Ramos (right) 1991 Summit
Juan Reinaldo Sánchez authored a book titled “The Hidden Life of Castro”, available from [].
Tell all book by former Castro bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez
Tell all book by former Castro bodyguard Juan Reinaldo Sánchez
Juan remarks that Fidel Castro’s public discourse is very different from his private discourse.
Before his ascent to power over Cuba, Castro was a “constitutional lawyer” who never argued a case before a court, but complained in a letter to the Cuban Supreme Court that Batista was not following the Cuban constitution.
Who today somewhat mirrors Castro’s actions while at the head of government? I think of one man: Barack Hussein Obama who was also allegedly a “constitutional lawyer” that never practiced before a judge, at least to my knowledge.
In both cases, once in control of the executive seat of government BOTH ignored their respective constitutions.
While Barack Obama and family enjoy a life of luxury with their many vacations, another parallel to Fidel Castro’s life of luxury. In this linked article from the Washington Examiner [] titled “Vacationer in chief: Tens of millions spent on 38 Obama holidays“. Naturally, WE personality Paul Bedard says George Bush spent as much time in Crawford, TX. That is true, but George Bush did not waste money on lavish resorts; he stayed at his own home, the Texas White House.
Castro's mansion and personal playground
Castro’s mansion and personal playground
Before he was elected, Obama was “Christian”. After his election, he showed himself to be Muslim and he publicly declared “the United States of America is no longer a Christian nation“.
Also, before he was elected, Obama declared marriage is between a man and a woman. Now, he forces unholy sexual activity onto our population, aided by his Supreme Court appointees Kagan and Sotomayor.
As he approaches his last year in office, Obama follows Castro in two other “executive actions”.

First, his leftist Attorney General Loretta Lynch who took office with the aid of Republican-In-Name-Only Washington insiders like Mitch McConnell, Ayottte, Cochran, Collins, Flake, Graham, Hatch, Johnson, Kirk, and Portman. Take note: Neither Texas senator voted for her.

Effectively, it was Republican left-leaning senators who allowed Lynch to assume her office of chief law enforcement officer of the Untied States of America. Loretta now sets up a program by which she will take control of municipal law enforcement departments in various American cities, in conformance to United Nations Sharia-compliant global policing initiative. Reference: Breitbart []

Second, Obama says he will be using “executive actions” to confiscate personal firearms. Reference: NewsMax “Obama Working on More Gun Control Executive Actions” []
How will your local sheriff and chief of police respond? Will they submit to unconstitutional executive actions or will they uphold their oaths of office to secure your rights?
Ask them. These are legitimate threats that demand legitimate answers from your local law enforcement heads.
Yes, there are indeed parallels between Castro and Obama. They rule on parallel tracks that collide with Christian civilization. America is being fundamentally transformed into Obama’s vision. Will you stand idly by while America goes to hell in a handbasket?
Only divine miracles can save us. Therefore, it is of utmost importance we seek the aid of whom Benjamin Franklin called Father of lights. This Father of lights is El Shaddai, the Almighty God who is an ever-present help in time of need.
All who call on Him shall be saved.
John White
Rockwall, Texas

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