Superintendent Jeff Bailey’s newest strategy for winning: The Shame Game

19 October 2015 ADelection_2015_-_school_bond_graphic

A mother writes to me, “I didn’t know if you knew it or not but people were handing the I love Rockwall ISD signs out at the homecoming football game. My son came home with one and was putting it up in our yard when i asked him where and why he got it. He said they were telling the kids to put them up if they love Rockwall schools. I thought this was a little deceptive when I told him to put it in the trash because I was voting no. He asked me, “don’t you want our schools to be better”. At that point it became a teaching moment for me. I told him that buildings don’t make the schools better, but teachers and kids make the schools better….And that financing items that go “out of date” before being fully paid for is stupid.” [edited solely for brevity]

There you see Jeff Bailey’s Shame Game at work. If you love Rockwall schools, you better put a sign in your yard. Therefore, anyone who does not put a sign in the yard does not love Rockwall ISD.

My thoughts on this newest strategy? Shame on you, Jeff Bailey. Shame on every silent member of the Board of Trustees who look the other way. Shame on you for allowing electioneering on our school property and doing so to put children on guilt trips.

If Mr. Bailey wishes to deny culpability, I will relay that on to readers. If this ‘shame game’ is not his doing, then I invite him to identify the person or persons responsible. It was done on school property and done on paid school staff time.

If you wish to contact School Trustees directly, click on this link for names and email addresses:

Board of Trustees – Members

I will go to the polls today to vote Against (En Contra) the 2015 Rockwall ISD Bond proposition. See a sample ballot below.

sample ballot risd bond election marked up

John White
29-year resident of the City of Rockwall

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