Rockwall ISD Quarter-Billion-Dollar Bond Drama – Fear Mongering?

26 October 2015 AD

Yes, the city councilman who titled me “Master Distractor” tells me today I am “fear mongering”. Let’s break it down.

A person who is a “monger” is “a person who is involved with something in a petty or contemptible way”, “a promoter of something unpleasant”, according to my on-line dictionary. Therefore, a “fear monger” is someone who promotes fear in a petty or contemptible way.

He and I have these fruitless back-and-forth email discussions. I say fruitless, because after I give him facts, he turns to name-calling, unable or unwilling to intelligently digest simple truths.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district continues to grow. Interesting facts include home values about half those in the western half of Rockwall County. Somehow. Someway. HEB ISD manages growth while also limiting spending.

Back two legislative sessions ago, state funding to public schools was dramatically cut. School districts that mortgaged their futures were suddenly in a bind. School funding to the HEB ISD was cut $25,000,000.

A news reporter interviewed the HEB ISD superintendent, asking how badly his district was affected by the loss of 25 million dollars. His response: not at all. He said, “We believe we are to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.” Under his leadership, HEB ISD had amassed a $75,000,000 savings account. Isn’t good stewardship amazing?

Our Rockwall ISD sees things a little differently, so it seems. In a way, the district mirrors a lot of our up-and-coming families who mortgage their respective futures by purchasing the most house, the most automobile, the most of everything up to the point of credit limits. This works, if one’s income is not at risk. But, I remind the reader what happened in the last housing crisis, the last recession. A lot of houses in Buffalo Creek became vacant as a constable had the sad duty of delivering bad news to those suddenly unemployed home buyers.

Examine the two graphics, one of HEB ISD, the other of Rockwall ISD. Take note of enrollment and debt-to-student figures.

Rockwall ISD voters deserve better. We deserve accountability. We deserve choices. We have neither. Take-it-or-leave-it is not a choice. Choice implies two or more things from which to choose.

 Most members of the bond committee, like the name-calling city councilman, think it their duty to be a cheerleader for school administration and the same can be said of our school trustees.

It’s time for accountable representation, my friends. School trustees are given the duty of “overseer”, as per the state constitution. They are not supposed to represent school administration; they are supposed to represent us, the taxpayers, as in “we the people”.

I voted Against (En Contra) the school bond proposition because I want the district to come back next year with a breakdown of items (choices), transparency, accountability, and no “rolling polling” to target voters.

If advocating for transparency, accountability, and no “rolling polling” to target voters is “fear mongering”, then I plead guilty as charged.
John White
Local Homeowner of 29 years
Local business owner
Father & Grandfather

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