FCC Pushes Its Boundary of Authority to Stifle Free Speech – Your Action Required

18 November 2015 AD


Ahead of 2016 national elections, leftist Democrats plan to use “Net Neutrality” to stifle, to censor, political content on websites like this Facebook Page.

“The Internet is not broken. It does not need FCC or FEC [Federal Elections Commission] governance in order to carry on,” added Blackburn, the vice chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

All five FCC commissioners are set to testify before the committee Tuesday morning. It’s been nearly two years since they last appeared before the committee together, but it will be chairman Tom Wheeler’s ninth visit to Congress this year. Committee members were expected to grill them on a range of issues, including an alleged lack of transparency and what they see as “mission creep” in the commission’s decisions to expand its own authority. Read more from the Washington Examiner http://ow.ly/UNs2u

There are two actions you can take.

FIRST: Contact your U.S. Representative. Tell your representative to oppose FCC “Open Internet”, akaNet Neutrality, rulemaking that would expand FCC controls.

SECOND: Comment on the FCC website, proceeding number 14-28, Open Internet. Tell the FCC to leave the Internet unencumbered with bureaucratic rules that would “abridge freedom of speech”. Use this link: http://ow.ly/UNt6B

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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