CIA “Snow”-den Job – Blame Goes Everywhere But At Their Own Feet

26 November 2015government files on us

In the aftermath of Muslim mayhem and murder in Paris, the CIA exploits public fear to drive public opinion in favor of government snooping into our everyday communications. Is this what you want? Government reading and listening to your personal and intimate conversations?

The CIA’s line attributes terrorist’s attacks on “Internet encryption, Silicon Valley’s privacy policies, and Edward Snowden“. When you know the facts, you will attribute attacks by terrorists on the incompetency of the intelligence folks.

The Jihadist Handbook was available on-line months before Muslim’s hijacked crashed airliners into the WTC and the Pentagon. What preventive actions were taken, knowing the plans of Muslim terrorists? Nothing. Nada. Subsequently, over 3,000 perished on September 11, 2001.

The CIA and other federal agencies adamantly say they must be able to listen to our telephone conversations, scan our social media sites and read our emails to deter future attacks. You can be sure this essay will be “scanned” and you will be tagged as having read it. Do you feel safer now?

Was it the NSA, CIA, FBI or any other federal agency that was able to predict terroristic bombing attacks on the Boston Marathon? No. Not even one of them. Was it cyber security measures that captured the surviving Tsarnaev brother? No. A homeowner found a bleeding Tsarnaev hiding in his boat in the backyard.

Not once has the TSA uncovered even one terrorist sneaking aboard an airliner. They have molested our children and wives and fondled us men. Do you feel safer now?

When the TSA tests its gatekeepers, those gatekeepers fail to detect weapons 67 out of 70 tests, that’s a failure rate of over 95%. Do you feel safer now?

While my former congressman Ralph M. Hall was in office, I steadfastly opposed cyber snooping. My present congressman John Ratcliffe voted for NSA funding and I steadfastly oppose it still.

What’s the lesson? What’s the takeaway? You cannot depend on the government to protect you and your family. Self-defense is your personal responsibility. Period.

It’s okay to exercise discernment. It’s okay to discriminate. It’s okay to report suspicious activities. It’s not okay to depend on the federal government to prevent terrorist’s attacks. It’s okay to block potentially dangerous immigrants whose backgrounds cannot be vetted.

Regarding humanitarian aid, we’ve been providing it for many years to refugees while they remain abroad. If you find Obama’s insistence on flooding America with refugees suspicious, you find yourself in good company. I do, also.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

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